WATCH: Jerry Seinfeld Hilariously Roasts a Pro-Hamas Heckler Who Interrupts His Stand-Up Routine

There’s no more insufferable person on earth than your average “pro-Palestinian” protester. Never has a more spoiled, selfish group of human beings existed, and they’ve decided their duty is to make the rest of us miserable so they can simp for terrorists. 

Sometimes that comes in the form of blocking traffic and vandalizing national monuments. Other times, they interrupt private events. That happened again on Sunday as all-time great comedian Jerry Seinfeld found himself facing yet another pro-Hamas heckler, this time during a show in Australia. 

He quickly and hilariously turned the tables.

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“Oh! We have a genius, ladies and gentlemen. He solved the Middle East! He solved it!” Seinfeld exclaimed as the audience roared. “It’s the Jewish comedians — that’s who we have to get! They’re the ones doing everything!”
Seinfeld told his heckler to “keep going” before evoking the support of his audience.
“Go ahead, keep going!” Seinfeld urged the heckler. “They’re going to start punching you in about three seconds, so I would try to get all of your genius out so we can all learn from you.”

As the heckler was being led out by security, some people shouted, “Free Israel.” Seinfeld then continued his off-the-cuff bit, joking about how heckling a Jewish comedian in Australia will surely solve the issues in the Middle East. 

“Tomorrow we will read in the paper: ‘Middle East 100% Solved Thanks To Man At The Qudos Arena Stopping Jew Comedian.’ They stopped him, and everyone in the Middle East went, ‘Oh my God, let’s just get along. We can’t do that.”
“Because I know there are problems here. With, uh, indigenous Aboriginal people and the whites — they have problems here. So maybe to solve that, I will screw up Jim Jefferies in a show in New York,” Seinfeld joked. “If this works, that will work. You have to go 20,000 miles from the problem and screw up a comedian. That is how you solve world issues.”

That’s how you have to handle pro-Hamas protesters. We are talking about some of the most delusional, pathetic people to ever live, and they hate it when you belittle their “cause.” I can’t tell you how many Hamas simps have blocked me on social media because I’ve made fun of them. They truly believe they sit atop the intersectional hierarchy and can do anything.

That may be true when it comes to the U.S. government, which continues to treat pro-Hamas protests with kid gloves despite the incessant lawbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be true anywhere else. A lot of celebrities would have tried to give credence to the heckler when the proper response is ridicule and humor. Seinfeld delivered that in spades.

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