Biden Visits the Border Patrol in Brownsville, and His Confusion Goes Into Overdrive

Joe Biden finally made it down to the border again, for just the second visit in his life. 

But he’s not visiting one of the problem areas under crisis. He’s visiting the CBP in Brownsville, Texas. Meanwhile, his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, is visiting one of the areas hardest hit by Joe Biden’s bad policies, Eagle Pass. Biden’s schedule shows he’s only going to be there for under four hours to make a few remarks. Translation? Photo op for the election. 

As we reported earlier, residents and the Border Patrol Union were not happy with his hit-and-run visit, with the Union saying, “Keep our name out of your mouth.” 

As with everything with Joe Biden, his issues were readily apparent during his visit. 

They showed him some of the border (no illegal aliens in sight), and he looked very old and confused. 

Then after a very brief time at the border, he was given an “operational briefing.” It looked like he spent most of the time looking at charts, reading his note cards, and looking confused. 

“Where am I?” he asked the people there. I’m not sure whether he didn’t know where he was or he was confused about where he was supposed to stand and he thought they were going to tell him. Either way, bad look for the alleged leader of the free world. 

Here again, he appeared completely confused about where he was supposed to stand; he was searching for his mark. That’s how structured they have to be with him, but he’s still confused. 

He also didn’t appear well, and I don’t think he absorbed whatever this woman officer was trying to tell him. 

But it looked like he was just reading from his notes anyway, in terms of what he was asking them, likely because his staff wanted his questions not to be unhinged stories about things that never happened. 

But all the movement allowed his giant teleprompter to be exposed, so you can see how huge what he’s reading from is. Yet, he so often has a problem anyway. 

To me, this was perhaps one of the most concerning moments I saw among a lot of moments. He appears to sort of blank out and just stand there, as the officer tells him it’s time for remarks. 

This isn’t him leading, this is him being led around like a figurehead puppet. 

Then finally, it was his time to make a few remarks and he spoke very briefly. The impeached DHS head, Alejandro Mayorkas, also spoke. 

After all that he said nothing of great weight, but claimed it was now “time to act,” after he hasn’t acted except to make matters worse at the border for the last three years. 

He’s only going through the motions now because of the election. 

He couldn’t even keep his mind on the border, he had to attack Republicans over climate change and call them names. 

Biden referred to Republicans who didn’t believe in the Democratic narrative on climate change as “Neanderthals.”  Mr. Unity strikes again. Then tomorrow, he’ll likely talk about how politics has become too rancorous. The man can’t keep up with what he says and does from one minute to the next. 

Then he left and ignored reporters, as they asked him about Laken Riley’s murder, allegedly by an illegal alien released under Biden. 

If the Democrats keep rolling him out like this, thinking it’s going to help him, they might as well get used to calling Trump president now. Because every time people see this, they are going to run to the voting booth to vote for Trump to help keep this guy out of office. 

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