Sen. John Kennedy Dunks Joe Biden Over the Border Crisis in the Most Louisiana Way Possible

As most RedState readers would undoubtedly agree, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) is an absolute national treasure thanks in part to his clever wit and ability to not mince words and get straight to the heart of the matter.

He proved it again in a recent Fox News interview with Kayleigh McEnany, who was guest-hosting for “Primetime” host Jesse Watters.

The topic under discussion was President Joe Biden’s border crisis, and the Biden administration’s threat this week to sue Texas and its Republican governor, Greg Abbott, over measures they’ve been taking to secure their border since Joe Biden won’t.

Kennedy used Biden’s snippy comments made to a reporter about media coverage prior to him scooting off on yet another vacation to springboard into a discussion on how not even the left-wing media can help Biden at this point in his presidency when it comes to the dire issues going on at the southern border, with record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring through. 

Before we get to Kennedy’s remarks, let’s take a look at the exchange the Louisiana Senator was referring to:

With his customary flair, Kennedy zeroed in on Biden’s disastrous border failures as only he can:

“Kayleigh, last Saturday, President Biden blamed the media for his unpopularity. The truth is that most members of the media have tried to help him. In my state, for example, our two largest newspapers are run by members of the loon wing of the Democratic Party, and they publish accordingly. But in Louisiana, President Biden is about as popular as herpes. 
Why is that? Two reasons. Number one, the people of Louisiana are not stupid. Number two, they think the Biden administration is. They think that its stupidity runs from the river to the sea. 
Exhibit A is the open border. President Biden has dissolved the southern border. Our problems at the southern border are man-made, and that man’s name is Joe Biden, and the people of Louisiana and the American people know it. 
Yet he blames the media for his unpopularity. It’s hard to believe that the president could be that obtuse. I guess if you ask him where Jordan is, he would say retired. But that’s where we are in America today.”


Kennedy is of course not wrong on this. Biden has consistently polled poorly on the issue of illegal immigration, with voters also ranking it as a top issue they will take into consideration before heading into the ballot box. When you see what’s happening at the border on a daily basis and how he reacts to anyone who tries to do something to resolve the matter, you understand why voters feel the way they do.

Try as he might, the border crisis is not going to go away for Biden in 2024, and the primary reason for that is because Joe Biden’s open border policies won’t let it. It’s just that simple.

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