Fox News’ Will Cain Focuses on Ja Morant’s 2A Rights, Asks Why He’s Suspended for Something He Has Right to Do

Fox News host Will Cain weighed in on the Memphis Grizzlies suspending Ja Morant for a second time over a gun issue by asking, “Does Ja Morant have 2A rights?”

Cain’s question posted to Twitter, was rhetorical.

He continued, “Can he not do what he wants outside of his work environment if it’s still legal? It may be stupid, but I don’t know what he’s done to be suspended.”

Cain added, “This isn’t to endorse his lack of responsibility for handling his gun. Or his “image”. But c’mon, suspended?”

He then pointed out his concerns that politicized employers leverage their authority to control the behavior of employees even when said employees are not on the clock:

Here is the video that led to Morant’s second suspension:

Clay Travis responded to Cain’s ponderings, tweeting:

There’s a really good, smart debate to have on employer restrictions of legal behavior outside of work — but I think the challenge here for Ja is he has several alleged gun incidents in his recent past: alleged crew pulling gun on Pacers team buses, alleged gun to threaten a teenager in pick up game at his house, strip club insta gun video. Not crazy to me for Grizz and NBA to be concerned about his behavior with guns. Then to follow it up with this within a couple of months of a big suspension where he claims he understands the team and league find his behavior unacceptable, it’s just really dumb and immature. Even his buddy in this video tried to protect him because he knew how dumb this was.

Breitbart News reported that Twitter lit up Sunday with a back-and-forth over Morant’s suspension after comedian Andrew Schulz, who asked, “If guns are legal why is Ja Morant in trouble?”

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