Biden Exploding Over Border Failures, Unable to Sit Still at Howard Commencement

Things are not looking good for Joe Biden, as Title 42 was lifted this week and he seemed to have no idea what to do about it.

Reports are that he “exploded several times” over what he thought were his team making excuses for failing to deal with the crisis at the border.

“When Biden would have explosions, and he did have a bunch of them, he’d say: ‘D– it, you haven’t told me anything different from what you told me last week,'” a former official, who remained anonymous, told The Washington Post.
“Then 10 minutes later, he’d say: ‘Look, I’m sorry, I know everybody is trying,'” the official continued, according to the Post.
Leon Panetta, former Obama defense secretary and a member of the Department of Homeland Security’s advisory council, told the outlet that he was not sure the administration was ready for the end of Title 42.
“I’m not sure we’re ready for the consequences,” he said. “When you remove Title 42, there’s going to be new challenges that are going to have to be faced head-on.”

They’ve had a long time to come up with an answer; they’ve known it was going to expire for some time. Yet, they still seem to have no real solution. The problem for Joe Biden is that he hasn’t taken the whole border problem seriously for all the time he’s been in office. He just threw everything President Donald Trump did under the bus, and then everything got worse. Now that he’s running again, he realizes he’s in a fix of his own making–and he wants his people to help get him out of it. But unless you change all their horrible policies, there is no easy way out of it.

It looks like he’s feeling the pressure. He even had to admit that it was going to be “chaotic for a while” and couldn’t say how long that was going to last. It’s probably like what he and his team said about inflation: first they denied it, then it was transitory, now it’s been years and it’s still here. He’s had a similar run of lies with the border, which his team keeps claiming is “secure.”

So, he has a problem now. What is he going to run on and point to, as the border and inflation continue to explode around him?

Biden went to Howard University to give the commencement address on Saturday. It seemed sort of unusual that he went rather than Kamala Harris, who’s a graduate of the school. Meanwhile, she’s going to deliver the commencement speech at West Point on May 27, rather than Biden who’s supposed to be the commander-in-chief. I think it’s for the “first” — it makes her the first woman to deliver the commencement speech. But I think it’s also because they want to step up selling Biden for 2024 at Howard.

What did Biden sell at Howard? Nothing appealing — divisiveness and race-baiting. There are a lot of threats that Americans face right now, not the least of them is a guy allegedly in charge who seems to want to finish off America. But what did Biden pitch, as the worst terrorist threat to America? White supremacy, which raised some eyebrows.

Biden insisted he wasn’t saying it because he was at a “black HBCU.” Of course, he wasn’t. And Joe, “black” is already in “HBCU” (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Doesn’t he know that, or does he not even understand what “HBCU” stands for?

But perhaps one of the weirdest moments at the commencement where Biden appeared to be unable to sit still. I can’t even tell you what it looked like he was doing at one point to some people. He seemed very uncomfortable and was moving around, not paying any attention to the speaker, which was just rude.

Biden ultimately appeared to be trying to reach his right pocket with his left hand (which didn’t make a lot of sense) and pull something out.

Unfortunately, it’s this guy who’s occupying the White House, falling apart, exploding and unable to sit still or coherently deal with anything. It’s hard not to see that things are getting worse.

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