We Got Some Disturbing and Scary Answers at Ottawa Press Conference

Joe Biden is in Ottawa, Canada, embarrassing himself and us before the Canadians and the world. We wrote about some of his earlier meetings, as well as his gaffe-ridden remarks before Parliament where he called for applauding China before he corrected himself.

He then did a press conference that was long on lies and exaggeration, with some disturbing answers.

He started, as usual, with a pre-approved list of the people to call on.

It doesn’t start well.

If you listen to his answers, he lives in a fantasy world where — presented with evidence — nothing is as bad as anyone else says, and he downplays every issue. Why? I think because he thinks he’s being challenged, something he always has a problem with. But it’s also frightening, disturbing ignorance that endangers us all.

Listen as he downplays the worrying, increased alliance between China and Russia. This is scary that he’s so clueless.

He says they’re the “ones expanding alliances,” even as Saudi Arabia moves closer to Iran with the aid of China, and we’re under attack from Iranian proxies. He asks what commitment China and Russia can make, and the reporter has to tell him they’ve just increased their trade.

“Their trade has increased compared to what,” Joe shouts. Um, Joe? Compared to what it was before?

He says people “vastly exaggerate” the issue. He tries to justify downplaying it by saying that China hasn’t given any weapons to Russia [for the Ukraine War] yet, and he does that creepy whisper again. Yes, let’s just sleep over here until the weapons are exchanged—talking about gender equity—as our adversaries plot.

Just a quick search indicates that China has provided Russia with $12 million in drones since it invaded Ukraine. Does Biden even know that?

Did Joe even see this, and does he understand what it means?

They’re plotting the end of U.S. dominance, which you can already see by China’s efforts with Saudi Arabia and Iran, seeking to be the global power that the U.S. has been.

Biden was asked in the press conference about the bank collapses and again, he downplayed the issue, not understanding how his policies lead to the inflation—and then the higher fed rates that contributed to the problem.

I’m thinking Biden saying everything is all right is a little bit like Jim Cramer claiming it’s going to be okay. That is not reassuring.

He also lied about illegal immigration.

I don’t know what he’s talking about here about “dedicated pathways,” because the numbers have been at record highs for some time. Biden and his team just seem clueless on the subject.

Joe thought he could escape by saying he had to go to dinner.

Who is telling him what to do? He’s supposed to be the most powerful man in the world. Yet, he always sounds like he has handlers behind the scenes dictating to him.

But, the reporters tried to slip in a few more questions.

He ignored a question about why he is delaying the Enbridge oil pipeline project.

I’m not even sure he knows what they’re talking about there. But again, it’s his anti-energy policies.

They tossed a final question about the Iran proxy attacks and whether he was going to do anything after the killing of an American, wounding six other Americans, on top of 78 prior attacks.

His response was, “We’re not going to stop.” That doesn’t even make sense. Stop what? The question was: are you going to do anything affirmatively to stop Iran and their proxies, or are you just going to continue to play defense and retaliate a little?

But, at least he didn’t get lost trying to get off the stage — with the assistance of Trudeau, who had all the look of a caretaker there.

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