POTUS Gets Confused About MTG, Accidentally Says Something Else Right

Joe Biden released his budget for the Fiscal Year 2024 on Thursday. As we reported earlier, it was full of tax hikes that will hurt the economy and crush the American people even more than he has already done.

How he delivered it also was perhaps appropriate because it showed how bad he is at economics.

He flew to the Northeast Philadelphia Airport to deliver his remarks on the budget and then flew back to the White House. So how many hundreds of thousands of dollars did that cost for no particular reason? But just remember it’s all about his plan to “invest in America” — translation: spend more and make inflation worse.

But while he was there, he lied his head off some more about how he was lowering costs for Americans and lowering inflation. But everything has cost more since he came in and inflation was 1.4 percent when he came in and it’s 6.4 now. Under him, inflation hit 40-year highs.

He just keeps lying about this. I’m not sure who he thinks he can buffalo. Some things you can lie about and maybe people might not know any better. But they know how much more has been coming out of their pockets since he’s been in charge and they know that it’s due to him.

Then he started going over the edge, lying that the “MAGA Republicans” wanting to defund the police.

Wanting to hold the FBI accountable and not be politicized to serve the Democratic party isn’t the same as wanting to defund the police, Joe. Defunding the police is all on Democrats, as we can see here.

What was funny was that Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) got under his skin by being one of the people to call him a liar during his State of the Union address when he claimed that the Republicans wanted to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. That of course is a lie, and as I’ve noted in the past, it’s Biden who has been targeting Medicare Advantage which 48 percent of Americans who are Medicare-eligible opt for.

So he’s the liar and he’s hurting a lot of people. But the fact that he’s still talking about it, you know it got to him, but he couldn’t even get her name right, he seemed to have completely forgotten it or I don’t know what was going on here when he called her “Mountjer.”

But then he admitted something about President Donald Trump, that normally a political opponent wouldn’t. But because Trump lives in his head rent-free, he couldn’t help but say the quiet part out loud — the future president.

A moment of clarity. That may be one of the few true things he has ever said. It’s coming and he knows it.

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