Prized Nominee Is So Terrible That Even Democrats Are Looking to Blow up Her Nomination

The Biden administration does not exist in the same reality the rest of us exist in. That was perfectly illustrated by the renomination of Gigi Sohn to an open spot on the FCC.

Sohn was first put up for the spot during the last Congress, but due to a variety of problems, including a scandal in which she donated to Sen. Raphael Warnock (who sits on the committee that would approve her), the contentious selection did not make it through.

In a sane world, that would have been enough to scuttle Sohn’s chances, but the White House renominated her anyway in January. According to a new report (Axios), though, the far-left radical is so terrible that Democrats may still blow up her nomination.

President Biden’s nominee for an open seat on the Federal Communications Commission, Gigi Sohn, appears stalled in committee and is in danger of failing to reach the full Senate floor for a vote, according to Democratic Senate officials.

Why it matters: If her nomination falters, the FCC will remain deadlocked with two Republican and two Democratic commissioners — hindering the Biden administration’s effort to implement key parts of the president’s agenda.

Driving the news: After a contentious Commerce Committee hearing two weeks ago, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), the chair, has yet to schedule a vote on Sohn’s confirmation.

What has Sohn in trouble this time around? It seems that several Democrats who are up for re-election in 2024 are getting cold feet. Those include Sen. Joe Manchin, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, and perhaps most importantly, Sen. Jon Tester, who faces a tough road in deep-red Montana. Given the 51-49 split in the US Senate, Sohn can’t afford to lose more than one vote, and there’s talk of even more Democrats than those three possibly voting “no” in the end.

Of course, press outlets want to spin this as a “Republicans seize” moment instead of just admitting Sohn is completely unqualified for the job.

Conservatives have seized on past Twitter comments to paint her as an ideological Democrat. They have also focused on her association with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group that has clashed with law enforcement.

Sohn, who is also gay, has vigorously defended herself and decried the “misleading attacks on my record and on my character.”

Republicans didn’t seize on anything. Sohn is an ideological Democrat and a very extreme one at that given her support for anti-police groups. But I do love the “who is also gay” line being thrown in there despite that fact holding zero relevance to anything mentioned in the article. Sure, Sohn is absolutely terrible, but she’s gay, guys. So we better lay off her or something.

If Sohn gets on the FCC, you can expect her to be a rubber-stamp for censorship and targeting of conservatives. She must be stopped, and hopefully, the threat of the next election is enough to blow up her nomination once and for all. America can’t afford for someone as crazy and ideological as Sohn to be making major communications and content decisions.

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