How Bad Is It? WH Team Issuing ‘Private Assurances’ It’s Not Aliens

I wrote earlier how even MSNBC feels the Biden administration hasn’t been straight on what’s happening with the “objects” that have been flying and shot down over the U.S. and Canada. When even Chuck Todd is calling out the White House, you know you have a credibility problem and there’s a lack of public confidence.

Joe Biden hasn’t come out over these three days of objects being shot down. Instead, they sent out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who had trouble explaining what NORAD was and couldn’t get the name of our neighbor to the north straight, calling Canada “Canadia.” Yes, I swear, she did. That was right up there as one of her most clueless comments.

But the lack of transparency and the confusion has led to people speculating over what exactly these objects are, particularly when you get reports about not having identifiable propulsion and pilots not being able to figure out what the objects are even with eyes on them.

How bad is it? Even the NY Times is now reporting the Biden team is issuing “private assurances” to people that it’s not aliens.

The incursions seemed to become so common that Biden administration officials have found themselves issuing private assurances that there is no evidence that they involve extraterrestrial activity. But officials also acknowledge privately that the longer they are unable to provide a public explanation for the provenance of the objects, the more speculation grows.

Yet they’re confessing they’re having trouble providing answers. So even there, the NY Times is suggesting there’s still a question. The Biden team had a DOD briefing scheduled earlier, but that was postponed, so we’ll have to see what information they have at this point. They might help scotch that impression if they were transparent.

It’s getting silly if this is where the Biden team is going. They could have dealt with all this just by being honest and responding appropriately to the Chinese spy balloon. Now as they continue to fumble, people just aren’t believing them anymore. The way you don’t have this problem is by being competent and honest right from the get-go. Now they’ve dug a hole for themselves and it’s coming up aliens for some people, and that’s all on the Biden team.

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