Grassroots Effort to Oust Ronna McDaniel as RNC Chair is Gaining Serious Momentum

It looks like some committee members are joining in a grassroots effort to stop Ronna McDaniel from winning a fourth term as chairperson of the Republican National Committee, arguing her track record thus far has been disastrous. RedState previously reported that McDaniel had gained a worthy challenger in Harmeet Dhillon, who seems to be slowly peeling support away from McDaniel.

The initial calls for McDaniel to hit the road came from Roger Villere of Louisiana and Solomon Yue of Oregon; Villere disclosed that McDaniel had promised committee members at a recent meeting that she would not be seeking reelection in 2023. Bafflingly, McDaniel decided after the midterm election, the results of which were hardly a resume builder for her, to go back on her word to the committee and run for an additional term.

Since Villere and Yue first voiced their opposition to McDaniel’s candidacy, a steady stream of committee members and state committees have withdrawn their support for McDaniel. Some have transferred their support to Dhillon, while others seem to be taking a step back to see how things shake out.

The most recent state committee to call for new leadership at the RNC is Texas, with former Texas Railroad Commission candidate Tom Slocum tweeting out the details:

A no-confidence vote from a big, red state like Texas does some damage to McDaniel; they join the Republican executive committees of Arizona and Tennessee in voicing support for new leadership atop the party. Sources close to RedState indicate a story circulating that the California GOP executive committee very recently voted to support Dhillon. Conservative commentator, and former RedState editor, Erick Erickson quipped: “If she were an SEC football coach, she would have been out a long time ago.”

Outside the committee, grassroots activist Scott Presler, who has spent considerable time working in inner cities hit hard by disastrous Democrat policies, has been working to whip up additional pressure on McDaniel to bow out. He tweeted yesterday that Nebraska GOP chairman Eric Underwood had withdrawn his support of McDaniel, and just today announced a potential pickup in Maryland, where McDaniel supporter Dirk Haire, has retired as his state’s party chairman.

Corporate media seems to be cheering on McDaniel’s candidacy, going so far as to say she’s “set to glide” into another term. This seems premature given that every day brings news of additional committee members rescinding their support, meaning her original claim to have the support of around 100 committee members is now in serious question.

McDaniel will face Dhillon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in the race for the 85 votes needed to win the chairmanship. The vote is expected to take place in late January at a committee meeting in Dana Point, California.

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