‘Feed ‘Em, Don’t Breed ‘Em’: Extinction Activist Wants People to Stop Having Kids–to ‘Save the Biosphere’

Twilight Zone stuff, right? Of course, it is–and it gets worse. We’re talking about the “existential threat to mankind” (climate change) crowd. Except, in this case, an extinction activist wants humans to voluntarily stop having children-so humanity will eventually die out, thus giving the biosphere a “chance to recover.”

Sounds legit. Show of hands–who’s in?

Tuesday’s episode of “Dr. Phil” focused on the “ethics of procreation” and the debate about overpopulation, with Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder Les Knight predictably spewing a variety of ridiculous statements. For the sake of the planet, Knight says, “May we live long and die out.”

Dr. Phil asked Knight, as reported by Fox News, to confirm his views:

You’re involved with an extinction movement who basically says we just need to live long and die out, we just need to ‘feed, not breed,’ is that what you say?

Knight was on it:

“Feed ’em don’t breed ’em,” yes, that’s right, we’re not taking care of the people who are already here.

My plan is for everyone to think before they procreate, and if people really think about it, think it all the way through, and have the wherewithal not to procreate — which is a really big problem all over the planet — and if people think about it … 44 percent of young people are saying “No I don’t think I wanna do that,” just because they’ve thought about it.

And if we all stopped procreating we’ll go extinct, slowly, we’ll clean up our messes as we go, and the biosphere – what’s left of it, will have a chance to recover.

Hang on a sec. If humankind goes “instinct,” as this guy said, then who’s going to be left as “the rest of it”? Radical left “intellectuals” like Knight and their silly visions of utopian bliss never seem to come to fruition. On the contrary, history has taught us countless times that their mad lab experiments don’t “quite” turn out as well as the masses were programmed to believe.

So, you know where this is headed: Knight plugged on-demand abortion as a cornerstone of his vision.

Reproductive freedom is the most important thing we need today. … Hundreds of millions of couples are denied their right to not procreate. [Many people] don’t have contraceptive services – reproductive health services that they need. Those are not provided, and maybe people should supply their own, but they can’t afford it because they’re having more offspring that they can’t feed.

OK, so this guy obviously believes taxpayers should provide “free” contraceptive services and “reproductive health services” to everyone, particularly to those who can’t afford them because they’re having more kids than they can feed.

I might not be as “smart” as you are, Mr. Knight, but how about untold numbers of financially-challenged women and their partners, if any, not getting pregnant in the first place? Just a thought. Then this insanity:

Try to get a sterilization here in America when you haven’t had kids and you’re only 22. We’re not allowing people to not breed.

Sorry, pal, but that’s just messed up.

Another guest, content creator Anton Daniels, told Dr. Phil that “these irresponsible people” end up having to be taken care of, “whether it be the prisons that we built for them or the social services that we have to create for them, and they do not become more educated and do things differently,” dispassionately adding: “They breed more, that’s what happens.”

I’m not one to throw “Hitler” around (see: “Ye“) lightly, but building prisons for women who are either too stupid or too defiant to stop having children — “breeding,” as these left-wing elitists say — because some Orwellian “Department of Breeding” orders society’s “violators” not to?

And all for a “recovered biosphere” on top of it?

This makes my head hurt; I’m outta here.

Meanwhile, the “climate change” fanatics (“environmentalist whackos,” as the late Rush Limbaugh called them) continue to up their faux utopian game. It’s time to “just say no.” Maybe we can get Elon on it.

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