Biden Confuses Warnock With Warren, and Georgia With Massachusetts

At what point are Democrats going to concede that enough is enough with Joe Biden and his incoherence?

During the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, he embarrassingly referred to the Marquis de Lafayette as “Marcus” de Lafayette. That was bad enough, showing a hole in his historical knowledge. But what was even worse was during the state dinner, he referred to France as “Frank,” ran two sentences together in a way that made no sense, and seemed to have no idea what he had done.

It wasn’t any better on Friday when he was asked why he wasn’t going to Georgia to help campaign in the Senate race for Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) against Herschel Walker. It’s the final days before the run-off election on Tuesday. Biden’s response was complete confusion.

“I’m going to Georgia today to help Sen. Warren! Not to Georgia, I’m gonna help Sen. Warren because I’m going to be doing a major fundraiser up in Boston…for the uh, our next and continued Senate candidate as senator.”

Um, what? It sounds like he completely has confused Warnock with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or isn’t remembering Warnock’s name there at the end. It’s a mess. Perhaps because the only thing he truly understands is he’s going to Boston. He is going to Boston for a senate campaign fundraiser, so that much was true.

But, to the greater question of why he isn’t going to Georgia — it is because he’s incredibly unpopular there. The Democrats are trying to hide him and pretend like Warnock has no connection to him. That’s why they’re sending him to blue Boston where he isn’t hated as much for a safe fundraiser there for Warnock. But it’s not “campaigning” for him in Georgia. Barack Obama is doing that part (although it seemed he was also taking the opportunity to take some Freudian potshots at Joe Biden).

Warnock has been trying to do all he can to distance himself from Biden and pretend to be moderate. He can try to hoodwink the people of Georgia. But the bottom line is that he’s a leftist and he’s going to support Joe Biden’s radical agenda. It’s important to get the win for Walker because with Walker, it’s a 50-50 and the committees are evenly split. If he loses, then the Democrats control the committees and things like subpoenas and investigations.

If he doesn’t know the difference between Warnock and Warren and confuses Georgia with Massachusetts, there’s a problem there. They can try to cover it up, but it’s only going to get worse.

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