Greta Thunberg Sues Government for “Insufficient Climate Policies”

If Greta Thunberg, the world’s most unsatisfied child, is good at one thing, it’s drumming up massive attention. Since the early days of her so-called activism, she’s put herself front and center of the “climate change crisis” and made herself its spokes-child.

But clearly, getting a camera thrust in her face and being found at the center of publicity stunt after publicity stunt isn’t enough. Or at least it isn’t enough yet – as she’s once again making headlines worldwide.

So what has she done this time?

Well, as The Associated Press reported, she and a few hundred other unhappy and disillusioned youth delivered a lawsuit against the Swedish government on Friday. Why? Apparently, the leaders of the Nordic nation have not done enough to combat climate change thus far. And Thunberg is none too pleased about it.

As the AP noted, the lawsuit was filed and prepared by Aurora, a Swedish youth organization Thunberg has apparently tied herself to. According to the group’s spokesman Anton Foley, “Sweden has never treated the climate crisis like a crisis.” And therefore, the nation is “failing in its responsibility and breaking the law.”

The 87-page lawsuit further explains that by not reducing carbon emissions and imposing more severe rules about doing so on the Swedish people, the government is in not so clear “violation” of their human rights.

But of course, unsurprising to any of us, Thunberg is making the lawsuit less about climate change, crisis, control – whatever you want to call it – and more about herself.

On Friday, she tweeted, “Today on Black Friday is the perfect day to sue the state over its insufficient climate policies.” She continued, “So that’s what we did. See you in court.”

Naturally, she didn’t really explain why Black Friday was the “perfect” day to do so, particularly since Sweden doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving… Was the group getting a discount on their lawyer fees? Did they have to wait in line to file their suit?

Neither was it made clear why Thunberg herself was unhappy with the Swedish government and therefore participating in the lawsuit.

Some have suggested that it’s a result of the most recent COP27 conference in Egypt, where world leaders met and discussed climate change and the wealth redistribution needed for such at great length.

According to The Hill, Thunberg is one of quite a few climate activists who don’t believe the agreed-upon measures arrived at in Egypt were enough.

At the time, Thunberg tweeted about her unhappiness, claiming that the world stands “no chance” of delivering upon their goal of reducing global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius if they don’t adhere to “binding commitments” and the immediate reduction of natural gas emissions. And by not doing so, she says COP27 is “endangering countless human lives.”

It’s noted, however, that to do what she and other non-climate expert activists want would very well return the world to the Dark Ages.

Already, there have been agreements to shift massive amounts of national funding to developing countries, all in the name of “climate reparations.” And according to Andrew Follett at the National Review, the exact amount is only growing by the day.

Just to give you an idea of how expensive this “plan” could be, I give you the “starting point” demanded by the small island nation of Vanuatu: a whopping $177 million. And like I said, that’s to start with. As the years progress and the climate change “crisis” worsens, I’m sure that will be increased.

Of course, that’s on top of the $100 billion nations like the US and Sweden have already agreed to pay as compensation to those same developing nations for “environmental harms.”

Follett estimates that the amount needed to finance climate change could reach as much as $290 billion to $580 billion by 2030.

And yet, apparently, this isn’t nearly enough for Thunberg and her ilk. Then again, it’s not like she’s an expert on really anything save becoming a walking publicity stunt. She’s certainly no climate professional or economist. And it shows.

Too bad publicity and attention don’t save the world.

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