BREAKING: Democrat Katie Hobbs Defeats Kari Lake in Arizona Gubernatorial Race

Democrat Katie Hobbs is projected to defeat Republican Kari Lake in the heated race to become Arizona’s next governor, according to Decision Desk HQ.

Hobbs is the incumbent secretary of state and former state senate minority leader.

Her opponent, Kari Lake, is a former television news anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix, whose unorthodox campaign style on everything ranging from a young staff to her frequent press conferences caught the nation’s attention.

Her victory would have certainly made her one of the most prominent governors in the nation, and she will likely join the ranks of Florida Govs. Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Glenn Youngkin in terms of their influence within the Republican Party. For example, Lake vowed to declare an invasion at the southern border on day one of her administration.

Meanwhile, Hobbs ran a more low-key campaign but still remained competitive throughout the race. She largely ran on abortion and democracy but also attempted to appear more moderate on taxes and border security in the general election. Hobbs refused to debate Lake, as well as her primary opponent, Marco Lopez.

The projection comes after several days of counting ballots with an unclear outcome of numerous races up and down the ballot. There are still ballots left to be counted, but the decision to project is based on trends.

Hobbs will be the successor to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who has been termed out after serving in the governor’s office for the past eight years.

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