Oh, the Humanity! Elon Triggers the Left With His Most Evil Twitter Move Yet

It’s been hilarious watching the left have a meltdown about Elon Musk taking over Twitter and bringing in a lot of changes.

One of the things that he seems intent on doing is making the company a more viable and efficient workplace. I wrote last month about how it was more like a spa at the headquarters than a work environment, where people could work remotely if they chose to but if they came in they had meditation rooms, yoga areas, free food, and red wine on tap.


That’s likely one of the reasons that the company wasn’t making money and was in trouble before Musk. How wild was their situation? Because anyone could work remotely, Musk had to check to make sure that alleged “employees” were truly real people.

But he had a condition. Before paying the bonuses, Mr. Musk insisted on a payroll audit to confirm that Twitter’s employees were “real humans.” He voiced concerns that “ghost employees” who should not receive the money lingered in Twitter’s systems.

Mr. Musk tapped Robert Kaiden, Twitter’s chief accounting officer, to conduct the audit. Mr. Kaiden asked managers to verify that they knew certain employees and could confirm that they were human, according to three people and an internal document seen by The Times.

Now, Musk has also slashed 50 percent of the employees of the 7500 employees. Those remaining were going to have to work.

Mr. Musk added that they would need to work strenuously to keep the company afloat. “Those who are able to go hard core and play to win, Twitter is a good place,” he said. “And those who are not, totally understand, but then Twitter is not for you.”

How evil was Musk? No more free lunch at the company. Literally. He was going to make people…gasp…pay for their lunches — like most of the rest of the country.

This was how some on the left took it: that Musk was evil “incarnate” who was now “starving” employees. It was such a window into how the left thinks.

Imagine thinking that you’re now entitled to a free lunch. This is the attitude of the left — it’s what they think in general about so many things — that they’re entitled to whatever they want because they want it. Bloated staff, all kinds of perks, free food and wine — is it any wonder the company wasn’t making any money? How dare that cheap pile of garbage want to keep the company afloat and the other 50 percent employed!

It also wasn’t like the employees were so poor they couldn’t buy their lunches — Twitter employees get a hefty salary, all the more so when you consider some worked from home and others didn’t seem to be working particularly hard.

The left freakout over this is hilarious.

But Musk’s moves already appear to be generated more user growth on the site, so it may already be making money, as he works to make it into the “town square.”

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