Elon Already Digging Into Big Complaint From Conservatives, Making the Left Melt Down

Elon Musk is a smart guy. If we didn’t already know that, we could figure that out by his first moves in taking over Twitter.

He booted CEO Parag Agrawal, chief financial officer Ned Segal and head of legal policy, trust, and safety Vijaya Gadde (the woman who purportedly made the decision to ban President Donald Trump from the platform). Gadde was not only responsible for the Trump move, but she was also behind the suppression of the Hunter Biden story, temporarily banning the New York Post account, the oldest paper in the country, and stopping the story from being shared. She was reportedly very upset but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

On top of that, Musk reportedly called in Tesla engineers to check out all the code. That’s very bright, to make sure there isn’t anything in there and Twitter employees were prevented from making changes so Twitter couldn’t be sabotaged.

Some of the Twitter employees have already indicated that they’re against the change, so it’s smart to account for funny business.

On top of that, now he’s also indicating he’s going to be a hands-on owner to work out one of the chief problems that many on the left have complained about — shadow banning and the suppression of their tweets. How do we know this? Elon responded to Catturd, a prominent Twitter user that he would be digging into that question more on Friday.

Now that should be very welcome from all of us who faced shadow banning or real banning. Elon reportedly is lifting bans and the word is that he will have Trump back on the platform soon.

But the fact that Musk would even deign to speak to Catturd just infuriated some on the left, such as the rabid Keith Olbermann.

How dare Musk listen to a cat when he could listen to nutty people like Keith? Olbermann clearly doesn’t understand the concept of the “town square that all have the right to speak, not just the people of whom the Democrats approve.

Catturd has some fun responding to Olbermann’s liberal tears.

But that’s what it’s about — allowing all to have a voice, and it sounds like Elon is already on it. It’s glorious.

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