Second Arrest Made in the Violent Florida Assault of a Marco Rubio Canvasser

Three days after the horrific attack on a political canvasser wearing a “Marco Rubio for Senate” shirt and a “Ron DeSantis for Governor” hat, a second man alleged to have been a part of the violent act has been made apprehended.

From National Review:

Police in South Florida have made a second arrest in connection with a vicious weekend attack on a GOP campaign worker who told authorities he was attacked “because he was a Republican,” according to an arrest report.

The Miami Herald, Florida’s local fish wrap of record, not only tried to dismiss that this attack was connected to political violence, but the publication doxxed the young man, now identified as 27-year-old Christopher Monzon, and accused him of being a white supremacist. They also blasted Sen. Rubio for his tweet that alleged that “four animals” attacked Monzon, rather than the two identified in the report given to police by the victim. The Herald is fixating on the details of Rubio’s tweet more than they are focusing on the fact that a young man was severely attacked for simply doing political work.

Our Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar pointed that out here:

Just hours later, ABC’s Miami affiliate ran a story headlined “Hialeah police: ‘No indication’ of political motive in attack on Rubio canvasser,” although the rest of the police spokesman’s statement said, “at this time,” and although the initial report is only about two paragraphs long – indicating that full statements have not been given.

And, although the police did not identify the victim, ABC got right into investigative mode and doxxed him, then linked him to an alleged “white supremacist” group.


Truly despicable, but such is a legacy media that is more focused on furthering the Democrat agenda than someone’s life. We see this clearly with the campaign of John Fetterman. Especially after Tuesday night’s Pennsylvania senate debate, it is imperative that Fetterman attend to the damage caused by his stroke and do all he possibly can to recuperate. Instead, he is being trotted out as a candidate for the United States Senate, and sadly, may well win.

The good news is that with this second arrest, these cretins can now be arraigned, tried, and hopefully convicted. If I were a good lawyer, I would help Mr. Monzon with some civil lawsuits, as he has a long road to recovery from this violence, both physically and mentally; and that all costs money.

After news of this second arrest, Sen. Marco Rubio condemned the legacy media’s treatment of the violence, and of Monzon. Rubio directed particular fire at The Herald by linking their inflammatory article.

National Review further illuminated more details from the police statement about the attack. Even in their matter-of-fact reporting, it is clear this was a horrible ordeal for anyone to have undergone:

Monzon, 27, told Hialeah police that Casanova told him “he could not pass through because he was a Republican,” and if he continued to walk through the neighborhood that he would sic his two German Shepherds on him and shoot him, according to the report. Monzon stated he was on public property, and walked in the street in order to walk around Lopez and Casanova.

Lopez rushed Monzon and threw him to the ground, according to the report. While Monzon was on the ground, Casanova kicked him in the head and Lopez punched him. Casanova eventually went to his 2021 Mercedes-Benz, released his two dogs, and commanded them “to attack and bite the victim,” the report states. Neighbors eventually broke up the fight.

I shudder to think what might have happened to Monzon had neighbors not intervened.

Police arrested Lopez first, but their initial description of the attack differed slightly from Rubio’s. The senator tweeted Monday that the canvasser “was brutally attacked by 4 animals who told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood.” Police initially identified only one attacker, Lopez, and did not note Monzon’s claim that the attack was politically motivated. Mainstream media outlets, including the Miami Herald, and New York Magazine, cast doubt on the Rubio’s account, and instead focused on Monzon, who has been affiliated with the Proud Boys and was identified in media reports as a “notorious white supremacist” and a “white supremacist goon.”


The Miami Herald spoke to Lopez’s mother, a registered Republican, who denied that the fight was about politics. “My son doesn’t know anything about politics. He likes fishing,” she told a reporter on Tuesday. “My son has never voted.”

How convenient that the mother is “a registered Republican.” Had she been a registered Democrat, her story wouldn’t have made copy. What is also unconscionable is Tucker Carlson and others in conservative and right-leaning media were roundly condemned by the legacy media for pointing out the criminal backgrounds of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. Yet, this same media is gleefully revealing Monzon’s past felonies, none of them violent ones, essentially blaming and shaming the victim.

The paper reported that Lopez was on probation at the time of his arrest, and had previously been involved in at least two other felony cases in Miami-Dade County. In 2017, he was caught driving a stolen car, and in 2018 he was accused of breaking into a restaurant.

On Tuesday, police located Casanova on Miami Beach and arrested him. His arrest report includes Monzon’s claim that he was attacked “because he was a Republican.” It does not include additional information linking the attack to politics. Casanova, who faces a felony aggravated battery charge, declined to speak with investigators.

Since this is Florida, and DeSantis divested himself of the woke district attorney Andrew Warren, who refused to uphold and prosecute according to the law, these evil actors will be assessed a hefty bail (if any bail), and possibly charged with many enhancements on top of the beating they subjected Monzon to.

If this were California, these miscreants would be back out on the streets, probably targeting more Republican political workers.

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