Jake Tapper Gets Ratioed Into Next Week in Hot Take About School Closures

Let’s face it — Jake Tapper is a shameless hack.

His presence still at CNN is evidence that CEO Chris Licht is still not completely serious about sweeping away the biased deadwood from the Jeff Zucker years yet. While Licht has booted some of the more obvious hacks from the network, Tapper is still there. In fact, he got promoted to primetime, as we reported.

Tapper gave some more evidence of that “hackery” during an interview with Jeb Bush.

“I have to say I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a national conversation about the damage done to kids because of these school closures,” Tapper declared, as Jeb Bush nodded his head. Tapper went on to say that there should be a bipartisan discussion about the damage, without a “blame game.”

Now to give him some credit, our friends over at Twitchy noted that Tapper has not been quiet in the past about the potential harm to children that would result from school closures; as Tapper says here, we should be looking at all the damage that has resulted from this and what to do about it.

But where the “hackery” comes in here is him trying to skip right over the blame game or pretending like we don’t know who was behind all this, who has been screaming about the damage that could result for so long, and why there wasn’t a discussion. There’s a lot of blame to go around, and it’s all on the Democrats because they didn’t want to have the “discussion” that Tapper wanted. Republicans have been screaming their heads off about the damage that would result.

We should engage in the “blame game,” so that we don’t reelect the people who suspended all logic and sense, and hurt our kids so much because these people could try to do such a thing again. The “discussion” didn’t “occur” more because the Democrats were doing all they could to shut down any questions or challenges to their controlling actions, and the media went right along with it. People who questioned were canceled or de-platformed, and demonized by Democrats.

If we don’t recognize how wrong and evil that is, it allows for the possibility that it could happen again.

Not surprisingly, people on the right had a lot to say in response to Tapper’s comment.

One of the most interesting responses to Tapper, which nailed the point, was from his CNN contributor colleague, conservative Mary Katherine Ham. Good for her for putting this out there, when there are often consequences for truth on such networks as CNN.

But actress Roxanne Hoge, the wife of my colleague Bob Hoge, summed up how we have been having that conversation and we’re going to deliver the result of it on November 8.

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