A Slow Clap for Democrats: NV State Party Sends Attack Mailers to Wrong District

Thursday, while walking I saw some discarded political attack mailers on the ground, ’tis the season! Peering out was the familiar face of a Republican running for Congress in Nevada, Sam Peters. Peters is familiar to me because I am an active local Republican, but he likely is not well known to many others in this neighborhood. That’s because I live in Nevada’s Congressional District 1 (CD1), and Peters is running in CD4.

Attack Mailers against Sam Peters found on ground, sent to wrong district by Nevada State Democratic Party, Oct 2022. Credit: Brittany Sheehan, used with permission.

To make sure I was not mistaken, and this mail had not been driven into the district from another one before it was littered, I checked the address. Indeed, the mailers had been delivered right here. Dina Titus (D) is the current representative, battling with Mark Robertson (R)-and after re-districting, this is still CD1. I checked the maps, and the congressional website. I reviewed all the taxpayer-funded abortion mailers Titus keeps sending my way, noted the Republican Mark Robertson mailers, skimmed my sample ballot, and checked my mail ballot. I have not made a mistake: the Nevada Democrat Party did.

Sam Peters tells RedState,

“Nevermind the outragous lies this mailer is spreading… Democrats have been mismanaging tax dollars for decades, so it’s no surprise to see them mismanaging their donors’ funds and campaigning in the wrong district. I can’t wait to bring responsible leadership back to the people of Nevada.”

I returned to collect the mailers, since they were littered, and to keep them as evidence when I’m inevitably challenged on the facts of this story. When I did so, I realized there were not one or two-but five separate attack mailers. This financial and strategic blunder from the Democrats’ state party was not a one-off mistake, but an error that was made over and over again. In the professional realms of politics; for those who run campaigns or work in consulting: this is absolutely insane and astonishingly incompetent. It’s a fire-side horror story that you would tell fresh-faced interns as a warning of mistakes to never make.

Attack mailers targeting Sam Peters sent to wrong district by Nevada State Democratic Party, Oct. 2022. Credit: Brittany Sheehan, used with permission

As for Rep. Titus, I am sure she will not be too pleased about this. In response to the Democrat majority legislature’s re-districting maps, she left no doubts about how she felt about CD1’s new boundaries. Titus made national headlines for a profane rant, saying,

” I got totally f*****, by the legislature on my district.”

Now, the party runs mail programs that don’t even correctly identify her opponent. There is a nuanced undercurrent here: This is another example of how the socialist Democrats who took over the state party have disrupted the late-Harry Reid “Machine,” a coalition that ran successful candidacy operations. It also speaks to the failures of socialism. Yes, the socialists took someone else’s money and spent it poorly. I offer a slow clap for slow-to-notice Democrats in Nevada, bravo.

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