Pro-Abortion Stacey Abrams Tells Georgia Voters ‘Having Children is Why You’re Worried’ About Inflation

After being roundly massacred on the Left and the Right for her “expert” opinion that fetal heartbeats are being manufactured on ultrasounds, Stacey Abrams refuses to soften her stance that abortion-on-demand is what matters to voters, and not the stark reality that thanks to Joe Biden’s inflation, they have to choose between filling up their cars to get to work or feeding their families.

Abrams appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program to discuss her campaign and how she plans to win her bid to become Georgia’s next governor in these 20 days before the midterm elections on November 8.


Contributor Mike Barnicle (what an appropriate name) was interviewing Abrams and asked,

Barnicle: “I would assume, maybe incorrectly, but while abortion is an issue, it nowhere reaches the level of interest of voters in terms of the cost of gas, food, bread, milk, things like that. What can a governor–what could you do as governor, to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters of those livability, daily, hourly issues that they’re confronted with?”

Instead of giving Georgia voters some form of a plan to combat, if not solve, the real issues inflation causes, Abrams decided to reinforce her allegiance to the message of abortion being under threat. Abrams could have inserted her abortion blather after she gave a well-laid plan on how she would combat inflation and the “livability, daily, hourly issues” that all Americans are dealing with. Instead, she rode with this:

Abrams: “Let’s be clear: Having children is why you’re worried about your price of gas. It’s why you’re concerned about how much your food costs. For women, this is not a reductive issue. You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child. And so, it’s important for us to have both/and conversations. We don’t have the luxury of reducing it or separating them out. But we also have to talk about what a governor can do.”

So, what about the women of Georgia who have kids already, but are now having trouble feeding them thanks to high food and gas prices? How will allegiance to abortion help them out? It’s doubtful that they are looking at their fully-born, and growing 10-year-old child and thinking, I should have aborted that one, then I wouldn’t be suffering this inflation!

We are also talking about a state which passed its own heartbeat law in 2019, before Dobbs was even decided. After SCOTUS ruled on Dobbs in June, in July the ACLU challenge to Georgia’s law was struck down by the lower court, so the heartbeat law can now be applied. Georgians are not blinking an eyelash about this. Abrams, of course, had to have her say.

“Today, Kemp achieved his goal: to endanger women, strip away our right to choose, and deny our ability to determine what is best for our bodies,” Abrams said. “In a state where pregnancy is too often fatal, he is proud of denying women the right to make medical decisions for themselves.”

As folks in the South like to say, that dog won’t hunt. It’s almost like Abrams wants to lose this race so she can make fraudulent claims about having another election stolen from her.

Governor Brian Kemp‘s team jumped right on this. Abrams willfully stepped in it (again), so there’s nothing wrong with the governor grinding her foot in the turd. If he hadn’t, I’d question his political instincts.

They are on point:

BOOM. If nothing else, Georgians are practical people. Abrams is not a practical candidate. She is chained to her agendas, doubling down on her radical ideology, rather than dealing with the realities voters of all races are facing. Abrams is already underwater in terms of polling, especially among Blacks, who she is relying upon to get her over the finish line. As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about the CNN polling in early October:

[Kemp’s] lead is six points larger. But among African American voters, look at that, Stacey Abrams’ lead is actually down from 79 points in the final 2018 polling to 67 points now. So, in Georgia, this key state where black voters make up such a large portion of the electorate, you’re seeing, again, more movement among black voters away from the Democratic Party than you’re seeing among voters overall.

Like the name of the MSNBC contributor who interviewed Abrams, she just wrapped that barnacle of abortion allegiance tighter around her neck, which guarantees she’ll continue to sink, now at an even faster rate.

Hopefully Georgians will vote accordingly, for their legitimate and practical concerns, and not the manufactured issue of abortion under threat.

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