WATCH: Young Journalist Gets Chilling Call from South Wales Police for Using Term ‘Illegal’ and ‘Alien’

We’ve seen things going down a very dangerous road in places like the U.K. when it comes to restrictions on free speech.

As we previously reported, British police have even arrested people for a meme posted on social media because it caused someone “anxiety.”

But if that wasn’t bad enough, here are South Wales Police allegedly telling James Harvey, a citizen journalist, that he should take down a post in which he used the term “illegal” and “undocumented alien” in a video because if someone sees it and takes offense, he could be pursued for a “hate crime.”

How insane is that and what are you supposed to call illegal aliens? That’s a legal term. Just using the term “illegal” or “alien” is now “bad” in the U.K. This is, of course, chilling speech — making people conform to what the government wants you to say and speak so they wouldn’t say the “bad things” because they’ll be too afraid to.

Can we get more Orwellian than this?

It’s seriously nightmarish to see that the U.K. has gotten to this point. And the funny thing about it is that the police officer who called may even think that he’s doing Harvey a favor by telling him this, to help him avoid arrest. But imagine that they’re focused on nutty things like this than what they’re supposed to be focused on — real crime. So not only are they stepping on people’s rights, they’re not dealing with the real problems.

Harvey then notes that folks are trying to attack him calling him a Nazi, but police don’t seem to be interested that he’s offended by that. Harvey says he’s not going to remove the video because he’s a journalist and that’s his job.

I think this is where some Democrats would like to take this country. We see it on multiple fronts, with everything from Joe Biden himself trying to demonize millions of Americans who he terms “MAGA Republicans” and declaring his political opponents “extremists” to the Biden Administration coordinating with social media over things that they don’t like. It’s about shutting down speech that defies the Democratic narrative and controlling the information flow.

Fortunately, we have more protections than do the British, but it’s fast seeming like those rights are more under attack when it comes to the Biden team and the Democrats.

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