Trump’s Plane Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint, Is He Planning to Run Again?

In 2016, Donald Trump loved to stunt on. his political opponents by landing his massive, branded jet behind them just as they were giving speeches during campaign stops at airports. Now, new video documents “Trump Force One” getting a fresh coat of paint, leaving the gleaming Boeing 757 resplendent with a waving American flag on the tail.

Trump posted the video on Truth Social media, saying, “During my four-year tenure in the White House I didn’t use everyone’s favorite plane, the Boeing 757 that we campaigned for our big 2016 win.” It has been renovated and modernized to look great. The plane will be flying again in the Fall of 2022 or sooner. Get ready!”

Trump replied an hour later with a poll showing that he had won the majority of the support in a Republican primary election to the office in 2024.

According to the Trump Organization website, the custom Boeing 757 is “The crown jewel of the Trump Fleet.” It is one of the most famous private jets. The Trump 757 can fly up to 8 hours with no interruptions and has a range of over 3,000 miles. It has two private guestrooms, Italian leather seats with Trump Family Crest, and 24-karat-gold-plated accents. It also features three bathrooms and a dining area.

It was built for commercial use in 1991. “The 757 is the fastest plane in the world, able to travel over 500 miles per hour”.

The “T”-Bird, as former President Donald Trump called it, was an iconic campaign symbol. The custom-fitted plane is set to return to the campaign trail soon to show its new paint job.

It’s amazing to see the incredible restoration of Trump’s private jet.

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