Cornell University Removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln Bust From Library After Alleged Complaint

A plaque and bust about President Abraham Lincoln were removed from a Cornell University library. Randy Wayne, Cornell’s biology professor, was his name. He claimed that someone had complained, and that it was gone.

Since 2013, the Lincoln bust has been housed in the Kroch Library. A bronze plaque commemorating the historic address of President Abraham Lincoln (1863) is also kept in the Kroch Library.

Wayne stated that he had noticed the display was missing some weeks ago. He asked librarians for more information. College Fix reports that he was informed that the display was removed following a complaint but that he did not receive any further information.

Fox News Digital received a message confirming that the temporary display was being installed by Cornell’s communications staff. It was installed to commemorate the 150th anniversary in 2013 of the Gettysburg Address.

The temporary exhibit was set up to celebrate the 150th anniversary the Gettysburg Address. Rebecca Valli, Cornell University’s director of media relations, stated that the bust was located in the Rare and Manuscript Collections between 2013 and 2021.

“Cornell proudly owns one of five copies Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Valli also mentioned five electronic Lincoln exhibits, which are online 24/7.

Fox News Digital reached to Valli for comments about Wayne’s claim. He was informed by the librarians that the display was being taken down due to a complaint. Fox News Digital reached out for comments from Wayne, but did not get a reply.

The former display site has been abandoned. Photos taken at the site show this clearly.

Wayne stated that no one can tell the whole story about the removed display. Wayne also stressed the value and importance of the Gettysburg Address for him and his students.

On College Fix, he mentioned that he’d heard of “The Gettysburg Address”. The Bancroft Copy includes a Lincoln-handwritten copy as well as a thank you letter to Bancroft, asking for a copy to submit a charity list.

Particularly during the 2020 protests, more attention was given to exhibits, names and statues that honored historical American figures.

Lincoln was one of the victims. Washington, D.C. activists demanded that the Lincoln statue, showing Lincoln releasing a slave in a loincloth, and kneeling at his masters feet, be removed. Ex-enslaved Americans partially funded the statue. Also, a replica of the Boston statue had to be removed.

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