Netflix Is Moving Away From Leftism, Canceling Some of Its Woke Shows

Netflix is learning something that other companies have trouble doing…learning.

There’s a 99.9% chance that you will go bankrupt if you wake up. Netflix noticed the signs. They were not difficult to read. “Cuties”, a movie featuring underage girls performing provocative dance moves, was overwhelmingly rejected by the public. After three weeks, they were forced to cancel the live-action adaptation of “Cowboy Bebop.”

They also saw how the left tried to wage a full-scale battle against Dave Chappelle after he made fun of the holiest of leftist holies. The public was overwhelmingly supportive of the comedian, while the leftist’s favorite cause got only tepid support. It was clear from the start which side the company should be on in terms of creativity.

When the streaming company made it clear that it didn’t enjoy working on programs that upset its political sensibilities, it was more than a hint. They were blunt in their statements, saying phrases like “Netflix maybe not be the best place for you to work” and “they might consider working elsewhere.”

It was also a sign that there were things coming down the pipe that would certainly upset its more sage employees. The streaming company is moving in a new direction. It’s canceling a few hard-leftist shows.

Variety reports that Netflix has canceled a few programs, including the cartoon “Antiracist Baby”.

Netflix has ended several animated projects including “Wings of Fire” by Ava DuVernay, “Antiracist Baby,” which is a series for preschoolers, and “With Kind Regards from Kindergarten,” which is geared toward children.

The streaming service also dropped “Stamped Racism, Antiracism and You”, a documentary that was intended to be a companion piece for “Stamped From the Beginning,” which is a hybrid documentary and feature scripted about race in the United States. “Stamped From the Beginning”, which is still in production, is moving forward.

Variety reported that Netflix sources said that this was not financially motivated. Of course, this is only half true. A company will do anything if they believe it is monetarily profitable in some way or for someone at the top.

They claim that cancelations are caused by “creative” differences.

For example, “Antiracist Baby” was meant to be a show that influenced children with race-focused views.

“Antiracist Baby,” which is a retelling of Dr. Ibram. X. Kendi’s children’s book, was originally imagined as a series of animated vignettes to be played to music by preschoolers. Kendi also wrote “Stamped” (Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You), which will not be run in tandem with “Stamped From The Beginning,” which is more adult-oriented. These three projects were created to address racism for all ages.

Page Six reports that Netflix also canceled a feminist animated series created by Meghan Markle.

Deadline reported that Netflix has canceled the expected animated series by the rebel royal due to budget cuts and plummeting subscriber figures. The series was to be about a 12-year-old girl who “goes on a journey of self-discovery,” inspired by the legacy and achievements of historical women.

However, this doesn’t mean that Netflix has abandoned children’s programming. While titles like “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous,” and “Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight” will continue to be shown, it seems unlikely that the show’s survival will be possible if it is politically motivated and aimed at children.

Although it has some way to go, I believe Netflix is moving away from woke content to embrace programming that focuses on well-told stories and good, solid entertainment. It will be a company that has earned the trust of its customers once more.

Maybe Netflix will set an example that others can follow. We will see if the programming it produces abandons the political messaging and embraces actual entertainment that is not influenced by politics.

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