New Ultra MAGA Label Came From 6 Months Of Liberal-Funded Focus Group Research

The liberal-funded research that led to President Biden’s latest attack on Republicans is apparently what caused his new attack. Biden repeatedly called his political opponents “ultra-MAGA” over the past week. This refers to former President Trump’s 2016 slogan “Make America Great Again”.

This label was quickly adopted by the right, from legislators to the former president.

According to The Washington Post however, the “ultraMAGA” messaging was derived from a six month research project by the liberal group Center for American Progress Action Fund that was led by Anita Dunn, a top Biden aide.

Hart Research and Global Strategy Group conducted focus group research and polling to find that voters already view ‘MAGA negatively’, more so than other phrases such as ‘Trump Republicans’,” the Post reported Friday.

“In battleground regions, more than twice as many voters stated that they would vote less for someone called a “MAGA Republican” than would be more probable. Research also revealed that voters agreed that the Republican Party has become more extreme and power-hungry over the years.

Navin Nayak, president and executive director of CAP Action Fund, told the Post that “all that extremism gets caught in that brand,” and that the “versatile epithet” applies to all political issues including abortion.

Critics ridiculed the research used to create the brand identity of Democrats on social media.

“Ultra Make America Great Again” is supposed to be a help… Democrats? Washington Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy questioned. “Congratulations to the consultants for being able to cash checks.”

“Psaki claimed yesterday that Biden came up this idea all by himself but,” Dana Loesch, radio host, pointed out. She was referring to statements Jen Psaki made claiming the “ultraMAGA” talking point was an original Biden concept.

“What is the problem with the Democratic establishment?” They think every problem can be fixed by spending money on consultants and better messaging, while completely resisting substantive changes,” RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway reacted.

Drew Holden, Free Beacon writer, jokingly said that “if this took Biden six months it’s not surprising the Afghanistan withdrawal went as planned.”

Stephen Miller, a former Trump adviser, tweeted that “Maybe it would be better if Democrats instead spent those six month preventing American children going hungry because they are out of formula.”

Biden introduced the term last week while attacking conservatives broadly in light of the Supreme Court draft opinion leaked by the leak that indicated the overturning Roe v. Wade.

“This MAGA crowd, which is really the most extreme in American politics, in recent American history,” Biden stated to reporters Wednesday. He declared a policy proposal by Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.), the “ultraMAGA agenda.”

Biden reiterated the “ultraMAGA” message on Tuesday in remarks about the soaring inflation.

Biden stated, “Look, the bottom-line is this: Americans have a choice now between two paths that reflect two very different sets values.”

My plan targets inflation and increases the economy by lowering the costs for working families, giving workers well-deserved raises, reducing deficit to historic levels, and making sure big corporations and the wealthiest Americans get their fair share. The ultra-MAGA plan by congressional Republicans would raise taxes on working families and lower incomes of American workers. It would also threaten sacred programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And it would give break after break to billionaires and big corporations just like the last time they were in office.

At a large-scale Democratic fundraiser in Chicago, he also used focus group lingo.

The White House quickly embraced the president’s new message, with Psaki declaring it “the President’s phrase” and Biden giving MAGA “a little more pop.”

Psaki stated to reporters that he would continue to talk about his concerns about ultra-MAGA Republicans’ agendas, whether it be tomorrow or in the days and weeks ahead.

The new slogan immediately sparked suspicion among journalists. Some even compared it to the Biden administration’s “Putin’s Price Hike” messaging, which attempted to put blame for the soaring inflation rate and high gas prices on Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. However, both of these were already rising months before the conflict started.

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