Shakes Hands With Thin Air and Generally Insults Everyone’s Intelligence

I’m constantly amazed that the White House keeps letting Joe Biden make as many public appearances as they do. Has it not become clear that he’s completely incapable of appearing upright and sentient? But I suppose the president can do what he wants, and he wants to be in front of the people, no matter how harmful to America’s posture that may be.

On Thursday, Biden gave a speech in which he discussed inflation, and then proceeded to get lost on stage, attempting to shake hands with thin air. No, I’m not kidding, but let’s start with the content, first.

The assertion that “70 percent of the increase in inflation” is a result of “Putin’s price hike” is a ridiculously stupid and misleading claim. What the White House is attempting to do is assert that gas prices were the main driver of inflation, and that gas prices increases are solely the fault of Russia. One, the idea that gas prices would have remained flat had Russia not invaded Ukraine is laughable. They were already on a steady climb prior to that. Two, to discount the rest of the inflationary boom is insulting to everyone’s intelligence.

For example, inflation on meats and other grocery items range between 13 to 18 percent. Natural gas is up 22 percent as well. To pretend that the only thing that’s really gone up is gas is not only false, but it also ignores the fact that gas going up is, and stick with me, costly and bad. Biden’s attempt to chop up the inflation numbers is a total insult.

Besides, even if you mark off 70 percent of the increase, inflation is still extraordinarily high. Over the course of just a month, it rose from 7.9 percent to 8.5 percent. A normal inflation cycle sees only a 2 percent increase over an entire year.

Of course, no Biden speech would be complete without his senility shining through. After finishing, he seemed to get confused about where he was and what he was supposed to do. Further, he held out his hand as if he was trying to shake hands with someone who wasn’t there.

Eventually, the president turned around and walked in the other direction, something he’s been very prone to do in the past. Nothing about that is normal, but it’s where we are.

Still, I’m most struck by the fact that Biden thinks Americans are just absolute morons. No amount of repeating “Putin’s price hike” is going to convince most people that inflation wasn’t a problem until a month ago. That’s a ludicrous contention, and even if inflation starts to slow, we’ve still got a long way to go before prices normalize. That’s because of Biden’s policies, as evidenced by the fact that inflation only started to rise precipitously after his election. The administration owns all of this. Every bit of it.

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