Biden Approval Rating Tumbles To Lowest Point Of His Presidency

A new poll shows that only 33% of Americans approve of President Biden’s job performance. This is the lowest approval rating for his presidency.

According to a Quinnipiac University survey, only 33% of Americans approve Biden’s job performance. 54% disapprove. This is the lowest level of approval Biden has received during his precedency. It matches the January poll when he faced a 33-53 deficit in approval.

The approval ratings of Biden are somewhat lower among registered voters. 35% say they approve of his job performance, compared to 55% who disapprove.

Broken down by party affiliations, 76% of Democrats said they approve of the president while 12% disapprove. Biden’s performance is overwhelmingly disapproved by Republicans, 94% saying they don’t approve of his job performance and 3% who agree. The performance of Biden was also disapproved by independents, with 56% disapproving and 26% liking it.

Americans also rated Biden’s handling in the Ukraine war poorly. Only 39% of Americans said they were satisfied with the president’s handling of this crisis. The majority of Americans think the U.S. should do more to stop the violence in Ukraine. 52% believe that the administration should intensify its efforts to help Ukraine fight Russia.

“With thousands of people killed in Ukraine, and the grim belief about the beginning of barbarism, Americans label Putin as a killer who directed troops to do what was impossible, cut down noncombatants,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy stated about the polling results.

The poll included 1,412 adults in the United States between April 7-11. It has a margin error of +/– 2.6 percentage points.

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