Putin Cornered Like A Rat & Will Do Whatever Necessary To Lash Out

Russian President Vladimir Putin feels “cornered like an animal” as the Ukrainian invasion continues into its third week. This is according to Fox News Digital. His personal history and past suggests that he will continue to fight for his position.

Rebekah Koffler, an ex-Agent of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s Secret Plan to Defeat America”, said to Fox News Digital that a portion from Putin’s 2000 autobiography entitled “First Person” can be used to examine Putin’s record as a leader of Russia and his current invasion in Ukraine.

Putin writes in his book that he had to cross several rat-infested floors in order to reach his childhood apartment. One day, he said that he grabbed his stick and chased the large rat into a corner. The rat realized that he was trapped and attacked Putin, forcing him to flee. This incident apparently had an impact on the future Russian president.

Koffler stated that Putin’s childhood story about the rats and other stories about his personal life are part of a deliberate effort to show the West that he will always fight back against being trapped.

Koffler stated to Fox News that he wanted people to understand that if he is cornered, he will fight. “He won’t be surrendering.”

Putin was quoted in another biography, “Vladimir Putin – Life History”, as saying that he learned from neighborhood fights as an infant that you must fight until the end of every fight and that there is no escape.

According to Koffler’s account, Putin was in trouble when he “miscalculated” two key issues in invading Ukraine. He didn’t consider the Ukrainian people’s willingness to fight or the role technology would play to bring the images of destruction to homes around the world. He clearly miscalculated, and now he feels trapped. He must execute this operation to reach his goal.

Koffler said that Putin was horrified at the U.S.’s overthrow of the Libyan and Iraqi regimes and that he fears the same fate. This is especially true when he hears American leaders claiming that he is a madman and calling for his assassination.

Putin feels the pressure, regardless of any short-term victories he may have on the battlefield. This is because the Russian leader sees this battle with Ukraine as a fight to save his country.

Zbigniew Brazezinski, author of “The Grand Chessboard”, writes that “he who controls Eurasia control the world.” Koffler states that Putin believes that idea and that the United States also believes the same.

Koffler stated that “they know it’s about not who controls Ukraine at all.” It’s not about who controls Eurasia or who controls the entire world. Putin is fighting for his survival, and this is why you can see him fighting.

Koffler also mentions the proximity of NATO forces and Russia’s major cities as factors to be considered when discussing Putin’s feelings of pressure. Koffler explained how, during the Cold War the distance between St. Petersburg (and NATO forces) was approximately 1,000 miles. Today, it is approximately 100 miles.

Koffler stated that “Russian military calculations show they can’t afford this kind of thing, it’s a threat to their military power.”

Koffler said that Putin is feeling trapped by all of these issues and will try to escape. He may use his nuclear weapons if necessary.

Koffler stated that he would run his troops to the ground and that he would “level Kyiv” as he felt it was “what he needed to do.”

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