Joe Biden Leaves For Weekend In Delaware As Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Escalates

In spite of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, President Joe Biden has left the White House to return to Delaware. The president will spend the weekend at home even though critics have criticized him for not caring about the ongoing conflict and the state of the country.

Biden spent last weekend at his home. It was not clear if Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, would survive the attack launched earlier in the week by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to reports, the president doesn’t like spending weekends at the White House. He calls it “the tomb”.

Biden and Sauli Niinisto met earlier Friday to discuss Ukraine, the importance of NATO, and other issues.

Biden stated that he was committed to supporting Ukraine’s defense and humanitarian needs, as he spoke to reporters at the Oval Office meeting with Niinisto.

Reporters were not allowed to ask him questions.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, angrily criticized NATO for not establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine on Friday. He cited the destruction caused by the Russian bombing in major cities of Ukraine.

NATO and the United States have no interest in trying to enforce an air-prohibition zone by challenging Russian aircraft. This would likely lead to a full-scale conflict.

You are the reason that all those who die from now on will also die. In a video address, Zelensky stated that your weakness and your disunity caused your death.

Instead, Biden (and the White House) have asked Congress for $10 billion more funding to support Ukraine.

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