Pelosi Says Important To Understand Brilliance Of Biden’s Response To Russian Invasion

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, celebrated Friday’s President Biden’s response in Ukraine to Russian Invasion. She told reporters that his experience as a government official has helped him understand the “the arena.”

Pelosi stated Friday that “I believe it’s really important to people understand the brilliance President Biden is conducting this,” Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported. “This is a man who has been chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee for decades. He is an expert in the field. He is familiar with the personalities.

Pelosi supported Biden on Wednesday after he placed a number of sanctions against Russia.

“It is amazing to see a dictator roll into a country in this day and age. She said that this is the same tyrant that attacked our democracy in 2016.

Following a hectic congressional trip, Pelosi held an informal conference. This included stops in Israel and the United Kingdom for the Munich Security Conference. She stated that Putin’s actions brought NATO allies closer together and that they agreed to impose swift, severe sanctions on Russia.

Pelosi warned Putin that he would be punished if he invades Ukraine earlier this month.

She told reporters at the Munich Security Conference that there was a price she had to pay for the sufferings Putin has caused. This isn’t about ‘bullying the world and then taking a walk.’ You’re not off the hook.

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