Germany Prepares To Disconnect Russia From SWIFT, Lithuania President Says

Germany has agreed to disconnect Russia from SWIFT International Banking System, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nuseda stated in a Saturday press conference. This news, which the Lithuanian president called “a major step forward”, comes after Saturday’s meeting between Nauseda (German Chancellor Olaf Scholz).

The president of Lithuania said that he had acknowledged the fact that his fellow colleagues see things differently. The process has already begun.

He continued, “Several months ago only one state and the Baltic States supported the disconnection from Russia from Swift.” “Today, the majority countries support this step and it is clear that Germany is also preparing to disconnect Russia from Swift. This is a significant step forward.

Russia invaded Ukraine in a large-scale attack on Thursday. Western countries responded by imposing severe sanctions not only against Russian banks and businesses, but also against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, has repeatedly called for Russia to be removed from SWIFT’s international banking system. This would effectively bar Moscow from top financial networks.

This international program allows banks around the world to communicate securely and efficiently with each other. It facilitates billions of dollars in cross-border transactions.

However, the U.S. and European Union announced a second round of sanctions earlier this week. A SWIFT ban wasn’t included because some top EU countries like Germany opposed it.

Scholz also reacted to Russian aggression by agreeing to send military assistance to Ukraine on Saturday.

“The Russian invasion is a turning point. In a tweet, the German chancellor stated that it was his duty to support Ukraine in any way possible to defend against Putin’s invasion army. “That’s why we are delivering 1000 antitank weapons to our Ukrainian friends and 500 stinger rockets to them.”

Zelenskyy was the one to announce this, having previously criticised Germany’s inept support for the war against Russia after it had agreed to send 5,000 helmets.

“Germany just announced that it will provide anti-tank rocket launchers and stinger weapons to Ukraine. He said, “Keep it up, Chancellor Scholz.”

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