Minnesota Middle School Students Given Tips For BLM Protests

Students at a Minneapolis middle-school student newspaper advised them to wear “nondescript clothing”, not to take photos of vandals, and to avoid speaking into megaphones if they are White.

The front page of the Rhino report, Justice Page Middle School’s student newspaper, had a piece by a student titled “Protest Tips & Etiquette”. The student encouraged others to protest the police-involved shooting death of Amir Locke, 22 years old, in the article. However, an investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed against law enforcement.

The first tip stated that “Black Lives Matter protests are not for you if you’re Black.” “ESPECIALLY if your race is White, don’t listen to anyone speaking on the megaphone. You are here to listen, and to support.”

The second tip stated that you are free to take photos with your phone, but please do not post any information with faces or identifiable information, especially if the person is doing art/graffiti.

Another tip said, “Wear nondescript clothes.” “Even if your not breaking any laws, law enforcement might still try to come after and arrest you. In these cases, it’s better be paranoid rather than careless.”

“If you are arrested, invoke your right to remain quiet, ask for help, don’t give consent to police searching your cell phone, or giving you a DNA sample (they might claim it’s standard procedure but it’s not). Insist that they give you a mask. If you’re held for longer than 48 hours, it’s most likely an illegal arrest, which is a violation to your Fourth Amendment Rights.

Others include “don’t go solo”, wearing jewelry and glasses to protect against the effects of tear gas. Also, be sure to bring along an ibuprofen and a first aid kit.

According to the Rhino Report’s contributor list, “The Rhino Report” is a publication of Minneapolis Public Schools Community Education and not Justice Page Middle School.

Fox News Digital reached out to Minneapolis Public Schools and Justice Page Middle School for no comment.

Parents Defending Education (PDE), a parent rights advocacy group, blasted this guide in a statement to Fox News Digital.

Erika Sanzi, PDE director of outreach, stated that it was inappropriate for schools to give protesting advice to 12-year-olds. This is especially true when it is for specific causes or varies based upon students’ race. It is also problematic that this was done without parents’ knowledge.

Locke, 22 years old, died in a raid on an apartment that was being held under a no-knock warrant. The raid took place in the early hours of February 2. Although Locke was not listed in the warrant, the raid was carried out in connection to a St. Paul murder. This case has reaffirmed widespread opposition to no-knock warrants for arrest.

Minneapolis has seen thousands of protesters take to the streets demanding justice for Locke. Rioters were caught on video vandalizing buildings, blocking traffic and disrupting traffic.

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