BLM Louisville Defends Posting Bail For Alleged Would-Be Mayoral Assassin

Black Lives Matter (BLM), Louisville defended bailing Quintez Brown out of jail, who allegedly tried to assassinate Democrat candidate Craig Greenberg. The official Twitter account of the organization went on a twittering frenzy to defend their decision to post Brown’s $100,000 bail.

Brown is accused in an attempted assassination of Greenberg at his campaign headquarters in Louisville’s Butchertown.

The group responded to online criticism by writing “*Candidate” in response to “someone who just shot at government employees.”

The group replied to another critic, “The guy we bailed out needed support.” “As the candidate stated.”

Greenberg attacked the criminal justice system in a Thursday statement to reporters. He said it was “nearly impossible” to believe someone could attempt murder Monday night and then walk out of jail Wednesday morning.

The statement states that “if someone is suffering from a mental illness and is being held in custody, they should have an evaluation and be treated in custody.” We must all work together to fix the system.

A candidate stated that there must be consequences for someone who commits a violent crime.

Local media reported Wednesday that Brown was being held on bail by the organizations. Chanelle Helm, a BLM Louisville organizer, stated that the bail fund would pay the $100,000 posting.

Brown was released on bail Wednesday afternoon. The bail payer wore a shirt that said “Free Angela Davis”, referring to the activist and ex-member of the Communist Party USA.

Police said that Brown, 21 years old, was charged with attempted murder, four counts of wanton danger and four counts each of wanton endangerment. He entered Greenberg’s campaign headquarters at Butchertown and fired multiple rounds using a 9mm Glock pistol. Police said that Greenberg’s shirt was slightly grazed by the bullet but no one was injured.

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