Chinese Ambassador Warns Of Military Conflict With US Over Taiwan

The Chinese ambassador to America gave another warning about rising tensions over Taiwan. “If Taiwanese authorities continue down the road to independence, they will most likely involve China and the United States in a military conflict, if the United States empowers them.” Qin Gang spoke with NPR.

While the United States focuses its attention on Ukraine’s growing crisis, where more than 100,000 Russian troops are gathered at the border with Ukraine, China has become increasingly hostile to the autonomous territory it believes belongs to Beijing.

China launched 39 fighter jets and fighters near Taiwan on Sunday, the largest military show in recent months. Two aircraft carriers were launched by the U.S. Navy along with two amphibious assault vessels. The launch was also performed alongside allies in the Philippine Sea.

In January, Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, accused the Taiwanese of causing tensions in the region. He claimed that the U.S. had “reversed its diplomatic relations with China commitment, condoned and encouraged ‘Taiwan independence forces’ and attempted to distort the one-China principle.”

He stated that Taiwan would be placed in a precarious position and the U.S. would suffer a severe economic loss.

China and Taiwan split in 1949. China has increased pressure on Taiwan’s self-governing nation while opposing its participation in international organizations. Although the U.S. doesn’t officially recognize Taiwan, it maintains an informal alliance.

In October, President Biden was asked if the U.S. would protect Taiwan from an attack by China. Biden answered that he did so and that he had a “commitment to do that.” The White House quickly clarified Biden’s comments and stated that the president did not abandon the U.S. long-standing policy of strategic ambiguity.

Qin described Taiwan in the NPR interview as the “biggest fireball” Although he claimed China did not want war, he also said that it was open to negotiations.

“People on both sides are Chinese, so they are our compatriots. The last thing that we should do is fight with compatriots. He said that we would do everything in our power to ensure peaceful reunification.

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