Virginians Can Breathe Fresh Air Now That the Republicans Are Running the State

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The Democrats living in Virginia are fussing and fuming over how the new Republican Governor Glen Youngkin is saving the state from the poison left behind by his liberal predecessor. The Democrats were in complete control of the state until the oppressive lockdowns and attacks on kids got the people fired up to change the direction of the state. And with one big bang, the voters declared with their combined voice that they had had enough of socialism.

Youngkin has officially taken control of the governor’s office. His promises during his campaign would become a reality the very first day he set foot in the office. And his first day in office was a day that will long be remembered as the day freedom returned to Virginia.

Youngkin put an end to Critical Race Theory in the schools. He has removed the regulations that were killing the economy and keeping businesses closed under the guise of the pandemic.

The new governor is investigating wrongs done to people and cutting back on the destructive initiatives to save the planet. He stands with parents and gives them the authority to decide what is best for their kids. And he is not enforcing any vaccine mandates that have forced state employees to bow under the previous liberal regime.

His executive orders will give the legislature the time to work out the details and put laws in place that will make his orders permanent. The liberals have dug in deep and done a lot of damage to the state that the Republicans will have to work hard to fix. But overnight, the air cleared, and people woke up free and ready to start living again.

Youngkin is modeling what other Republican governors have done by issuing executive orders. He issues the orders meant to give lawmakers the time needed to set a course of direction for the state. He is not like Joe Biden, who issues an order and expects it to be obeyed like the law.

Ron DeSantis has shown how executive orders are to be used. He uses them and, then, turns the matter over to the legislature to run the order through the legal channels and debate. And when it emerges, it will be similar but different from what the executive order dictated. But that is the way things are to work in America. The nasty Democrats have long forgotten a process.

The new governor stated that he would “restore integrity and confidence” regarding the state’s Parole Board. This promise was seen in his appointment of a new Attorney General named Jason Miyares. He is already moving to prosecute issues in districts that failed to bring charges when needed. Antisemitism and human smuggling are going to come to an end as well.

The new orders and appointments took place the same day Youngkin took office. He did not take a day to glory in his moment of triumph or take time to think that he was the man in charge like the liberals like to do. He got right to work serving and working for the people. His example and work ethic prove the difference in the mindset between a Republican and a demonic Democrat.

The Democrats like to think of themselves as the bosses instead of the elected servants. They work for themselves and neglect the people. But the Republicans work for the people and do things to make the population’s lives better.

The era of government control has come to an end in Virginia. The state government will return to serving the people instead of ruling over them. The parents will have control over their kids again, and those that tried to violate their rights will answer for their crimes.

The red wave swept through Virginia and saved the state. And now, it will happen in other places around the country and at the federal level during the mid-term election year. The excitement and victories happening in the state will spread to other states that are struggling under Democratic rule.

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