Former Football Coach Fired For Removing Black Lives Matter Poster

Former Illinois State University assistant football coach filed a suit against the former athletic director alleging that his First Amendment rights were violated. He removed a Black Lives Matter banner from his door and replaced it with another one.

The suit claims that Kurt Beathard was the former offensive coordinator at ISU. He was terminated by Larry Lyons, former athletic director, in September last year.

It was reported that Beathard was fired for not following the party line regarding Black Lives Matter. A Black Lives Matter sign was posted on Beathard’s door during his leave after the death of his wife, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Beathard returned to work after his wife’s death and replaced the original poster with one that stated “All Lives Matter To Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Beathard had the poster on his door for two weeks until it was requested that he take it down. He refused.

Lyons hosted a Zoom meeting to promote unity, during which he stated that “All Redbirds Lives Matter.” Redbirds are the school’s mascot.

The suit stated that Lyons had to apologize for his statements and that Lyons retired from the university approximately a month later in October last year.

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