CNN Faces Calls To Enlist Outside Firms To Probe Cuomo Scandal

CNN is being pressured to hire a white-shoe law firm outside to investigate the Chris Cuomo scandal. NY Investigators have released shocking documents that show Cuomo’s intense efforts in protecting the now-expelled Dem governor. CNN also removed the name “Cuomo PrimeTime” from its website following allegations of sexual misconduct.

A CNN insider said that it was absurd for people to believe that an internal probe would be ethical and appropriate. CNN didn’t respond to a request for comment when they were asked if they would be open to hiring outside companies.

Reports claim that CNN should request an outside investigation like the Tailwind scandal. The 1998 CNN story claimed that the U.S. used chemical weapons to kill defectors from the United States to Laos in order to end the Vietnam War.

CNN hired an independent investigator to investigate the report. A shocking retraction was issued after the investigation revealed that CNN’s claim could not be supported. CNN’s leadership has changed dramatically since 1998. Former president Tom Johnson is no more associated with the network. It is now managed by Jeff Zucker.

UltraViolet, a prominent women’s organization, does not believe in the network despite being encouraged by media professionals to investigate. They said that CNN does not require outside counsel to understand why Chris Cuomo is no longer on the air. They suggested that CNN fire Chris Cuomo.

Senior Poynter Institute media reporter Tom Jones believes that an internal investigation could be successful in this case. He said that CNN has all of the information necessary to determine if Chris Cuomo was guilty of a crime.

Jeffrey McCall, a media critic, stated that CNN should have an independent team to deal with Cuomo’s situation. McCall stated CNN’s credibility crisis was due to inaction and lack of transparency. McCall believes that viewers would view an internal investigation with suspicion, regardless of the results. It is a way to weaken the network’s credibility. He said that CNN has been having trouble managing Chris Cuomo over the past months and that viewers should get closure on the matter professionally.

Cuomo’s transcripts from state investigators show that Cuomo would contact media outlets in order to learn more about his brother or accusers, before coming forward publicly. These text messages revealed that Cuomo also watched journalists working on stories that could damage his reputation and passed the information to his aides.

CNN already revealed that it was compromised and conflicted regarding Chris Cuomo (brother of former Governor). These management issues will not be revealed by an outside investigation.

Many news agencies are trustworthy and have hired outside lawyers to investigate allegations. Some media executives declined. CNN stated that transcripts had been released by the NY Attorney General’s Office. CNN stated that they are grateful for Chris’ unique circumstances and can understand why he chose to prioritize his family over his work. They said they would suspend Chris until further investigation was completed.

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