Several California Children Sick After Clinic Administers Wrong COVID Vaccine Doses

Two California children recently became ill after a clinic gave at least 14 kids the wrong dosage of the coronavirus vaccine. Parent Denise Iserloth stated that she wanted to share her story and that she brought her children, ages 8 and 11, to the Sutter Health pediatric vaccination clinic. They were given 20 micrograms of the vaccine instead of the recommended 10.

14 children visited the clinic and were misdiagnosed, with Sutter Health putting in a statement that it had warned parents about the mistake. It explained that they contacted the parents and advised them of CDC guidance.

Iserloth claimed that she was not made aware of the error until after 10 hours. Her children both stayed home on Monday due to stomach pains and that her oldest child fell twice within hours.

Iserloth stated that she understood the mandate and tried to comply with it but that her children have now been given a double dose, and she doesn’t know what the long-term side effects will be.

Shawn Iserloth, Shawn’s husband, said that they assumed there was more to prevent this happening, but clearly, at this location, there wasn’t.

A local physician reported that the children should be fine and symptoms should resolve within a few days. During clinical trials, children were given 10, 20, and 30, micrograms.

Dr. Chin Hong states that headaches and muscle aches should all disappear within a few days. Sutter Health stated that it is currently reviewing the circumstances surrounding the error and how it can be prevented from occurring again.

They said that the safety and well-being of their patients is their highest priority and that they immediately reviewed their processes to ensure that this does not happen again. The CDC states that patients who are given a vaccine with an insufficient diluent volume can experience more pain, fatigue, headaches, or fever as a result of receiving the dose.

The Iserloths claim that they are still waiting to hear about the fate of the 14 children. Denise Iserloth stated that there has not been any explanation as to why this happened to her children and the 12 others involved.

California’s incident comes after Maryland’s nearly 100 children were also administered the wrong vaccine doses. Children were given shots that were more diluted than the recommended dose at an Elementary School clinic.

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