AOC Blasts Carville For Using Term Wokeness, Says Mostly Older People Use The Word

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently tweeted to criticize James Carville and other Democrats for blaming Terry McAuliffe’s loss in the Virginia governor races. She claimed that the term is almost exclusively used for older people.

Ocasio Cortez asked how the news platforms can attribute words to her mouth that she didn’t speak, citing an ABC News report that quoted AOC saying McAuliffe lost because he wasn’t woke enough.

AOC went on to add that there were limits to trying to mobilize campaigns with a moderate strategy and without mobilizing the base. She claims that she said nothing about ‘wokeness’, which she said is almost exclusively used by older people these days.

AOC, a radical left Squad member, also claimed that Carville and Fox News reporters have primarily used the term woke. She even claimed that older Dems would use statements incorporating the term ‘woke’ to target younger generations, but ended up harming youth turnout at the polls.

Carville claims that the Dem’s defeat in Virginia was due to McAuliffe’s wokeness and their Democratic agenda. He went on to say that wokeness was wrong and that you see the suppressive impact it has on Dems across the nation. He said to not only look only at New Jersey and Virginia but also Long Island, Buffalo, and Minneapolis. He said the “defund the policy” lunacy in Seattle, Washington is even creating a toxic environment.

Merriam-Webster introduced the word “woke” to its dictionary in 2017. They defined it as being aware and actively attentive to important facts, including racial or social justice issues. It was adopted by the Oxford dictionary in 2017.

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