Ron DeSantis Announces Key Steps To Ensure Election Integrity In Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis recently announced the key steps he is taking to secure and improve election integrity in the state of Florida. One of these includes elevating the crime of ballot harvesting, which is a liberal favorite.

This announcement was made the morning after Virginia’s election, which seemed to boost confidence among Republicans that they can win elections despite fear of fraud and political games. 

DeSantis listed the 4 steps he wants the state to take to prepare for the midterm elections including requiring voter ID, getting rid of ballot harvesting, and stopping the unsolicited mailing of ballots. He has banned “Zuckerbucks” money from being funned by tech CEOs funnel into non-profits for elections.

The governor is convinced that the elections will be the most secure and has even pushed for more election integrity reform in the bills.

Gov. DeSantis said he is asking the legislature to establish an Election Crimes and Security office, adding that it would be dedicated to investigating and prosecuting election fraud. He said it would include sworn-in officers and investigators.

DeSantis went on to say that although ballot harvesting in Florida is illegal, they plan to make it a third-degree felony. He emphasized how cleaning the voter rolls is a top priority and that there are some requirements in cleaning up their voter lists of ineligible voters. He said it was time to ban ballot drop boxes, adding how he has never liked them personally.

DeSantis said that these extra steps needed to be taken and put in place. He said that if someone brings a bunch of ballots, and stuff them in a dropbox, then there could be a place to receive these complaints and investigate anything harmful to elections.

DeSantis’s announcements come after some of the most notable wins including Republican Glenn Youngkin’s win in the Virginia race. Even some of the Dem agenda is getting defeated in the polls including Minneapolis, where state residents just rejected a policy that would have abolished the police department. Democrat politicians think they represent the people when they really only represent themselves.

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