Prime Minister Admits She Wants To Create A Two-Tier Society With Vaccine Passports

Just a few months ago, Gov. Ron DeSantis vocalized his strong opposition to vaccine mandates and claimed that it would create two classes of citizens. He described vaccine passports as being ‘divisive’ and maintained how it is ideologically and medically fruitless. He said it doesn’t impact anyone and makes little sense scientifically. Now, a high-level politician has admitted that they want a two-class system, where the unvaccinated cannot access the same rights as the vaccinated.

During a recent interview with the New Zealand Herald, Prime Minister Jacinda Arden said her approach to COVID-19 and their policies were to create a two-tiered system in the country. Arden has been praised throughout the pandemic by left-leaning leaders and Big Government advocates. She has also been unapologetic in her views that governments should handle the citizens, not the other way around.

New Zealand has been in the headlines for its draconian lockdowns and COVID-19-related mandates, including the recent degree where people must follow strict rules in order to see other family members. If not, the citizen could be arrested. New Zealand citizens are permitted to only visit one household of a family member at a time. The visit must remain outdoors at all times and members must wear masks and social distance.

Prime Minister Arden also imposed a “No jab, no job” vaccine policy for healthcare workers and teachers, though most government and federal workers are already required to be vaccinated.

New Zealand has currently reported 28 COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic has begun while enforcing some of the tightest pandemic restrictions among the nations. Despite that, the county has still been experiencing some outbreaks.

Prime Minister Arden was recently asked by a reporter if the national vaccination mandate was “intended” to create two classes of citizens in New Zealand, to which she replied on camera, “Yup, that’s exactly what it is, yep.”
In an effort to boost vaccination rates, Arden announced a federal vaccine mandate on October 22nd. She announced that 90% of New Zealanders needed to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus before they can look at loosening restrictions. It is called the “traffic light system” and would include the implementation of vaccine certificates. Arden shared how with vaccine certificates at red, orange, and green businesses will be able to continue to “open and operate.”

The report states the different color levels and restrictions. They note how places of worship, events, gyms, and hospitality venues under “green or orange” will be able to operate without limits or restrictions. Venues that opt-out of vaccine certificates could be subject to “heavy restrictions”

“If you want summer, if you want to go to bars and restaurants get vaccinated, if you want to get a hair cut – get vaccinated,” Prime Minister Arden warned.

Arden went on to say that vaccine certificates are not just a “tool” to drive up vaccines but also a “tool” for confidence. She did not mention the fact that vaccinated people can still carry the virus but claimed that vaccinated people want to know they are in a “safe environment” and with “people who have been vaccinated.”

DeSantis was right all along. Politicians are using vaccine passports as a tool to divide society – and one politician just admitted it.

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