President Biden Warns That Holiday Shopping Might Be More Difficult Than Usual This Year

President Joe Biden recently announced that he met with large retailers, corporations, and shipping services to resolve the global supply chain crisis, adding that a threat to any product availability could create “major issues” for the holiday season. He warned that the coronavirus could make holiday shopping “a bit more difficult” than in years past, which mirrors some of the things Dr. Anthony Fauci has said about the holiday season. Democrats are out to make things worse than they are – and holidays are at the top of their list.

A White House spokesperson even shared that there’s no reason to feel panicked at the moment, but that they all feel the same frustration about getting through that relatively short period of time. They said there may be “some things” that people can get and that hopefully a lot of the goods are substitutable by other things. The administration also announced their plans to “expedite the process” and unload cargo ships from Asia as they are currently waiting on California ports.

Walmart, FedEx, and UPS have all agreed to move towards working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and doing off-peak hours to alleviate the supply chain issues. Target, Samsung, and Home Depot are also in talks with the White House.

Many critics note that President Biden and his administration have had months to address the supply chain issues that could lead to a ton of empty shelves around the holidays. They point to a speech Biden gave on August 11, promising to reduce the bottlenecks and price spikes as the economy continues to heal. He said he had been bringing together the port operators, shipping lines, labor unions, trucking companies, and railroads to speed up the port’s operations. It has been two months since that speech and cargo ships are continuing to struggle, with over 146 ships being forced to sit near the coast of California and wait to be unloaded.

The only thing transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg has done to address the issue is hold a few roundtables about the shipping process. He said they are going to continue seeing a lot of challenges long-term but tried to tout Biden’s infrastructure bill as a way to help solve the supply chain problems. The Democrats never have any plans and always resort to more cash for their solutions. That’s why things are never sustainable and Republicans refuse to support a trillion-dollar spending spree.

The Biden Administration has pushed the infrastructure bill and warned that holiday shopping might be more difficult as the COVID-19-related domino effect causes supply chains around the world.

But others have pointed out that focusing on the shipping companies and retailers does nothing to solve the problem with the supply chain. Since taking office, Biden’s economic policies have driven an increase in inflation and contributed to the current employment crisis, which some believe is a part of their entire agenda. Congestion at the ports and dock shortages has led to a shortage of cross-country truckers and more ships, as more people stay home.

But hey, who would’ve thought that closing down the economy worldwide for a year would have negative and long-lasting effects? Go figure.

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