Ohio School Board Meetings Get Heated Over Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory has made its way to the state of Ohio and will be debated at the Ohio House among school districts, teacher unions, student groups, and parents. There are two proposed bills to stop the divisive CRT concepts from being taught in the classroom, adding that the curriculum only purports the U.S as a fundamentally racist country. But to Democrats, that’s the entire point.

Parents and union leaders spoke for over three hours on House Bill 322 and House Bill 327 to the House State and Local Government Committee. They talked about the origin of Critical Race Theory, which was a response piece to the New York Time’s endorsed “1619 Project.” The 1619 Project connects slavery to capitalism and is centered around the idea that the social systems in place today are used to oppress people of color.

HB 322, which was introduced by Rep. Don Jones, would stop any state agency, school district, or school from teaching or training anyone to adopt or believe Critical Race Theory. Some of the concepts from CRT include the idea that one race or sex is inherently superior to another, an individual is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously, and that an individual’s moral standing is defined by the individual’s race or sex,

HB 327, which was introduced by Rep. Diane Grendell, emphasizes that their job is to promote education, not indoctrination, and prohibits the school districts, teachers, and local/state entities from promoting the divisive concepts.

Many critics of the bills say that school should be a “place of opportunity” and where students can think critically of other’s experiences. They said that the bill moves Ohio “backward” and “in the wrong direction” when they should be teaching the idea that the U.S is a fundamentally racist country.

But those in support of banning CRT say that the curriculum is nothing but a form of bullying to tear down the efforts made by the Civil Rights Movement. It would also go against what is described in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a “divisive concept.” A divisive concept is described as a belief that someone is better or worse than another person based solely upon the external characteristics of “nationality, race, color, ethnicity, the religion of sex.”

“Let me leave no doubt: the push to teach such divisive concepts as those outlined in the legislation does not fix the problem but instead creates an environment where learning and the pursuit of truth are forfeit,” said Center for Christian Virtue legislative consultant Barry Sheets.

Many politicians and leaders have warned schools that CRT will only lead the country down a “dangerous path” as it continues to get more and more divided. The Chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation called CRT a plague and said it is only destroying and dividing us, particularly our children. He said it is teaching kids to look at the world through one thing, and that’s the lens of skin color.

“It’s not you that has brought racism into America today, it’s the liberals that have turned us into the most liberal time and the most racist time in our nation in the last 50 years. They’ve injected something into our culture, into our churches, into our seminaries, into our public schools, called critical race theory,” Hughes said.

GOP politicians and leaders have continued pushing for parents to know what’s going on in the classroom and to not give radical left teacher unions the authority to teach “moral values” to our children. Some leaders have emphasized how they will continue to fight until it’s completely wiped from our school systems.

CRT has made it into some of the most heated school board meetings yet after being exposed to students learning remotely. While it had been operating under the table in many schools (and colleges), the so-called anti-racism is itself quite racist. Or at least when you begin looking into the implicit bias, training, discussions, and proponents of the theory itself. Marxism in a nutshell.

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