Biden & The Pentagon Continue To Contradict Each Other Over American Citizens Trapped In Kabul

President Joe Biden has shared a series of contradicting statements over the last few days regarding the Taliban takeover and it’s getting worse. He recently claimed that US citizens have been able to reach the airport in Afghanistan, just to be contradicted by a Pentagon official 30 minutes later. Pentagon leaders have been stepping in to contradict the commander-in-chief and everything he says. Even with a teleprompter and a string of his favorite reporters, President Joe Biden always finds a way to stumble and say everything wrong.

President Biden repeatedly struggled when answering questions about Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban. He recently claimed that the Taliban was letting US citizens reach the airport (when they weren’t). Pentagon officials had to quickly state to the American public that the Taliban was actually stopping Americans. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin clarified that Americans have been “attempting” to evacuate Afghanistan but have been beaten by the Taliban.

Top officials have asked the Biden Administration for their plans regarding the safety of Americans and Afghan allies, but have been left with conflicting information and few details. Some believe President Biden doesn’t have a plan at all to evacuate U.S citizens from a country that is deteriorating by the day. They found it “alarming” that Biden is relying on the Taliban to transport citizens to the airport at all. Has he forgotten that they are a terrorist organization?

“The Taliban are roaming the streets, beating Americans, beating Afghans, and beating our allies and that’s who we’re negotiating with to get our people out and putting our faith in — it’s insane,” one House member said.

Republican lawmakers, in particular, have shared their concerns regarding a “huge gap” between what Biden says on TV and what is heard during insider calls. President Biden even claimed that 169 Americans “got over the wall into the airport using military assets,” even though it was reported that they were unable to reach the airport gates. This cast doubts on whether or not people could even make it to the airport, let alone catch a flight out of the country. He even tried to push back on journalists who were criticizing the departure. He lashed out and asked what interest we have in Afghanistan with al Qaeda gone.

But all of the recent media reports have covered the activity of the terror network, which is present in at least 15 of 34 Afghan provinces. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that al Qaeda is present in ISIS, as well as Afghanistan, and that “we’ve talked about that for quite some time. He said they’ve communicated with the Taliban about the free passage for documented Americans, yet it’s difficult to document if that’s really happening.

Kirby reiterated to the American public that they do not believe al Qaeda is “gone” or that the terror network’s power has diminished. Fox News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin asked Kirby how many al Qaeda operatives were still in Afghanistan. Kirby said he could not give a “specific number” at the time.

“You don’t have military intelligence estimates about how many al Qaeda remain in Afghanistan?” Griffin pushed back.

Kirby reiterated that their presence isn’t as “significant” of a threat as it was back on 9/11 20 years ago, but that it is not exorbitantly high. He pushed back on Biden’s claims that the terrorist group was not entirely “gone.”

President Biden has continued to live in his own reality and put a spin on the takeover. He’s changed his answer multiple times regarding the Taliban checkpoints and even tried to blame the “mad rush of non-Americans” crowding around the airport as the reason why so many are still trapped. Pictures went viral with hundreds of people running alongside a U.S Air Force C-17 that was taking off at the Kabul airport.

President Biden has promised “significant progress” regarding the evacuation of U.S citizens, but not the outcome in Kabul or how many Americans they could save. From the Biden Administration’s lack of details and contradicting answers, it’s clear that they are not making this a priority (and don’t have a plan). They haven’t had a plan from the beginning and as long as liberal lips are moving, they’re lying.

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