Big Win for DeSantis as He Issues Executive Order

Ron DeSantis has made it clear that mask mandates are not going to be tolerated in Florida schools. Parents do not want their kids forced to wear masks because a few liberals are afraid to breathe in the fresh air. The governor wanted the decision to mask their kids left with individual homes. Families that are vaccinated or have already had the virus do not need to be forced to do anything because a few people are selfish and want to feel powerful.

The Broward County Public School district was going to force their students to mask up because their leaders are afraid that a significant outbreak “could” potentially happen. They are a group of people that live in the “what-if” world and not in reality.

But once the governor mandated that the schools allow parents to decide, they quickly changed their tone. The school board released its statement of change that read, “Safety remains our highest priority. The District will advocate for all eligible students and staff to receive vaccines and strongly encourage masks to be worn by everyone in schools. The District will also work to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, including frequent cleaning and disinfecting of our schools, physical distancing, hand washing, and staying home when sick. The District is continuing to collaborate with our local health organizations to monitor trends in the spread of COVID-19 and variants.”

The school had to eat its words of defiance when they issued their statement. But they left a way to do still things that will make the students miserable within their words. They intend to try and obey the CDC and the governor at the same time. But walking the fence and trying to please every person never works well in the end for the liberal.

Dr. Rosalind Osgood is the chair of the school board. Osgood hates the idea of obeying the governor since the chair would say that “To get the response from the governor today was a little disturbing. However, as a responsible policymaker, from a school board perspective, we have to follow the law.”

Osgood hates having to follow the law. The board believes they have the power and deserves the right to make people miserable with mandates and lockdowns for students. The board was going to force students to wear facial diapers and stay away from other students.

Donna Korn obeyed when she noted that “I am not looking for us to get ourselves in trouble over this mask issue. There are too many other things that the state has highlighted this District for.”

During the meeting, many parents voiced their disapproval for the mandate to be adopted. But like all greedy liberals, they ignored the will of the people and did what they wanted to do.

DeSantis was hopeful that all school boards would adopt the recommendations from his office on their own. But the liberals never cooperate with conservatives. They live to make lives miserable.

The governor believes that masks cause trouble for students trying to learn. They cannot breathe or pay attention in class because they are too concerned with the mask and keeping it on, so they do not get into trouble. And the kids certainly have trouble interacting with others because they cannot feed off the expressions of others.

The official report noted that Today, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-175, in response to several Florida school boards considering or implementing mask mandates in their schools after the Biden Administration issued unscientific and inconsistent recommendations that school-aged children wear masks. The Florida Department of Health will enter rulemaking in collaboration with the Florida Department of Education to protect parents’ freedom to choose whether their children wear masks.”

DeSantis issued the executive order because he wants to make sure that liberal leaders do not infringe on other people’s freedoms that are guaranteed under Florida law. Liberals never consider the harm that their decisions inflict on other people. Students that have trouble learning only have increased trouble when roadblocks are placed in their path of learning.

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