Biden Administration Blames CDC for Confusing Americans on Mask Mandates

The Biden administration continues to make missteps when it comes to communicating about COVID restrictions. Rather than pulling all of the information together at once, they have decided to play the blame game.

Senior officials within the Biden administration are pointing fingers at CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. According to these officials, Walensky “demanded” that new mandates be issued for fully vaccinated people to wear masks indoors. It would be the most effective way to stop the delta variant of COVID-19 from spreading.

The CDC has already issued recommendations for wearing a mask indoors regardless of vaccination status. However, Biden has recently said that various locations should be wearing masks no matter what – particularly if there are a large number of unvaccinated individuals or if the delta variant is rampant in that area.

The White House doesn’t know what to say to people. Wear masks. Don’t wear masks. Get vaccinated. Wear masks regardless of whether you’re vaccinated or not.

Although the Biden administration has said that they will trust science and federal health officials, they seem to be getting mixed signals from the CDC.

Here’s the thing, though. The CDC is the nation’s public health protection agency. They have the authority to implement various regulations in an effort to protect Americans.

Is it that Biden is listening to Dr. Fauci instead of the CDC? Where is Biden getting his “science” from?

It seems that the White House and the CDC are at odds – and that’s a problem because Americans need to trust the information being given to them. Are we supposed to listen to Biden or to the CDC? Especially if there are mixed messages, it leads to the problem seen across America right now when it comes to vaccines.

The White House doesn’t seem to want to trust federal health officials from the CDC. So, where is it that they’re getting their information? Shouldn’t the White House be providing some kind of transparency as to how they’re basing their decisions?

This is the problem that we run into when the president’s chief medical advisor doesn’t work for the CDC. Dr. Fauci works for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The question we all have to ask is if the NIAID is getting different information than the CDC. They must be considering the White House canceled a coronavirus briefing for the press last week once the CDC announced the new mandates.

The administration chose to let Biden speak for over 30 minutes about where we are as a country. However, it left a lot of questions – especially when he took off his mask when we’re supposed to be wearing masks.

Right now, it seems like the Biden administration is blaming the CDC for making them look as though they have an inconsistent message. Perhaps the Biden administration should rely on their science and offer transparency to Americans. Only then can there be consistent messaging and trust that the federal government actually knows what is best for us all.

As of right now, wearing a mask if you’re fully vaccinated is only recommended by the CDC if you have a weakened immune system or you’re in an area of substantial or high transmission.

Look, that was easy. If Biden can’t speak the words properly off of his teleprompter to tell Americans this, it isn’t the CDC director’s fault.

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