Kamala’s Ignorance Shines Brightly as She Talks About Photocopying IDs

Kamala Harris must think that Americans are the stupidest people ever. In an effort to show “concern” about the voter ID provisions, she’s come up with the stupidest possibility yet.

Not only are people going to struggle to get IDs, but they’re also going to have to photocopy them to send in with their ballots.

Oh, no! Say it’s not so…

Harris has actually gone on record to complain that where many Americans live, “there’s no Kinkos, there’s no OfficeMax near them.”

A copy machine is a relatively simple piece of technology. Many people have them in their homes as a result of having a three-in-one printer. However, even if people who live far from a Kinkos or Office Max don’t have such capabilities, there are plenty of other places to go.

Post offices, libraries, and even local elections offices have copiers that people can use. Asking people to make a copy of their ID isn’t a big ask, especially if they want to abide by the law and prove their identity when they vote.

People are asked to provide a copy of their ID all the time. They have to do it when they buy a home, open a bank account, and even apply for food stamps.

This is all about Harris trying to make excuses. And people aren’t buying it. The moment she went on BET to talk about how “I don’t think we should underestimate what that could mean,” people began ridiculing her. Many people took offense that she thinks that the average American is too stupid to know where they can go to make a copy.

As many pointed out, mailing in a ballot is only one option. If people are struggling to make a copy, they could always go into the election facility and vote in person. That is always an option – and one that Kamala Harris doesn’t even want to address.

Every year, when it’s time to vote, there are plenty of organizations that will go into the low-income areas to help people with voting. That means either helping them get their mail-in ballots in the mail or bringing them to the physical ballot stations. If photocopying an ID is a requirement, those organizations will help.

Why is it so wrong to ask for ID? It’s not. Yet, Harris wants to make it seem that way because she wants to be able to cheat the system. If people don’t have to show ID, there’s no telling what kind of voter fraud may exist.

Harris would rather pretend that Americans are stupid and incapable of finding a way to make a copy of the ID that they already have to have for countless other reasons.

She explains that when we begin talking about voter ID laws, that we have to “be clear about who you have in mind.” Any American has to prove who they are. If people are too stumped by how to vote by mail and prove who they are in the process, perhaps they have no business voting in the first place.

It’s funny how she wants to argue about this. She’s not bothered by the fact that people have to show an ID to get food stamps. She’s not upset that people have to show their ID to buy alcohol. Yet, when it comes to voting, the VP believes that there is no compromise because people don’t have Kinkos near their houses.

Yikes. No wonder why more and more people are upset with Kamala Harris. She makes the assumption that we’re all stupid. It’s amazing how we’ve managed to function as a society up to this point.

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