Trump Has Campaign Difficulties Announcing His 2024 Run

Former President Donald Trump recently shared with radio host Michael Savage that the possibility of running for president in 2024 cannot be announced due to campaign finance laws, which he described as “ridiculous” and “outdated.” He said he would be talking about his political future soon but has not made any public announcements about running for president.

“I can’t really because of campaign finance rules, regulations, very complicated, very stiff, and frankly very antiquated if you want to know the truth. It’s ridiculous. I will be talking about it and I think that people will be very happy,” Trump said.

The closest Trump came to teasing another run for president was when he was telling Fox News host Sean Hannity that he had made up his mind about whether or not he would run again.

“Let me ask you this, without giving the answer, what the answer is, have you made up your mind?” Hannity asked.

“Yes,” Trump replied.

While polls at the Conservative Political Action Conference have suggested that Trump might run, he said he wants to help Republicans win back Congress seats during the 2022 midterms before making any announcements.

In a recent Hill-Harris x poll, 56% of registered Republican voters said they’d consider casting a vote for Trump in the next GOP primary. 28% said they’d consider voting for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis or Sen. Ted Cruz.

A former senior official at the Republican National Committee also revealed that Trump told at least three people he’s dined with that he will run for president in 2024. The first two dinners took place in late spring and the third dinner happened in the last two weeks. Two of the dinner companions said they were convinced Trump was serious and that he’s running. The third said he wasn’t sure Trump wants to run but that he likes being in the conversation.

While some reports have pointed to DeSantis as the VP nominee, others have emphasized that Pence probably won’t be anywhere near the 2024 Presidential race. He recently received no more than 1% support at Iowa’s Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll. He was even heckled and called a “traitor” at a major gathering of Florida conservatives last month. GOP officials said they don’t imagine he’d get a lot of support.

Raymond Harre, vice-chair of the GOP in eastern Iowa’s Scott County, said Trump supporters think Pence is the “Antichrist.”

As long as Trump is not an official candidate for president, he can use campaign money to help Republican candidates in the 2022 midterms. Announcing a presidency would require strict limits on donations and spending. His political action committee, Save America PAC, can currently spend hundreds of millions of dollars for political activities that are not on an official presidential campaign.

Trump also talked about his current thoughts regarding American politics and the Biden regime at large. He said they’ve been against energy and for open borders, as well as all of the things that happened.

“I really don’t believe it’s Joe Biden, I think it’s a group of people that nobody has been able to figure out. But what they’re doing [is], they’re destroying the country. The country is being destroyed. They’re emptying their prisons out into our country, their prisons are going to be empty, and these are prisoners worse than anybody that we have. These are total killers,” Trump said.

While crime waves continue to take over American cities, the Biden Administration has done nothing to stop it or defend its communities. Trump said the only regret of his presidency was not using the military to put an end to Black Lives Matter riots that destroyed many states last summer. He said he would’ve brought the military in immediately.

Trump will be 78 years old in 2024 and President Joe Biden will be 81. While Americans remain patient for a decision, some wouldn’t mind $1.79 gas and a few mean tweets over the current situation.

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