President Biden Stacks Lie After Lie About Georgia’s Election Laws

Georgia recently passed a law in their Republican-controlled legislature, H.B. 513, that would change several election laws including the rules and process of requesting absentee ballots, presenting valid forms of photo identification, as well as limiting the number of drop boxes in the area, and changes the times for early voting periods. But Democrats, including President Joe Biden, made several false claims about these newly passed election laws. President Biden even called the reform laws the “Jim Crow in the 21st Century” and claimed that people would be prohibited from drinking water while standing in line. All of these claims, however, are false.

“There is nothing Jim Crow about requiring a photo or state-issued ID to vote by absentee ballot – every Georgia voter must already do so when voting in-person. President Biden, the left, and the national media are determined to destroy the sanctity and security of the ballot box. It is obvious that neither President Biden nor his handlers have actually read it,” Gov. Brian Kemp said.

President Biden released a written statement criticizing the bill, adding that it would “end voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over.” Stephen Fowler, of Georgia Public Broadcasting, argues that this is not the case. He says that the bill expands early voting access, including an additional Saturday and two optional Sundays. The bill specifically states beginning at 9:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM, but will allow counties to set the hours anywhere from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The law makes no changes to Election Day voting hours and only expands the opportunity for the early voting period in rural counties.

Georgia also shortened the early voting period from nine to four weeks, which should not shock or upset President Biden, as his own home state, Delaware, did not allow any in-person early voting in 2020.

Democrats also misrepresented a provision of the Georgia law by saying that it is a “crime for banning certain food and water giveaways to voters in line.” What the law states is that they’re only preventing political organizations or political entities from giving people in line things in order to influence an outcome of a vote. Candidates could be seen handing out water or food wrapped in campaign materials. The bill also states that poll workers can make “self-service water from an unattended receptacle to an elector waiting in line to vote.”

Due to the passing of H.B. 513, House Democrats introduced H.R.1, the “For the People Act,” which would expand absentee voting, end gerrymandering, and restrict dark money political donations. But Gov. Kemp calls this an “unconstitutional power grab” against his bill. By looking at it, it’s one of the most dangerous and irresponsible election bills proposed by the left today.

It would allow people to sign a form saying that they are who they claim to be rather than require authentic identification, not enforce any witness signature or notarization requirement for absentee ballots, restrict the accuracy of voter rolls, automatically register voters, allow online registration, and impose new restrictions on political speech and activity. Worst of all, the bill would set up a public funding program for candidates running for Congress.

The real definition of voter suppression is causing a legally registered voter to not vote due to a pre-determined outcome. That’s exactly what the left is trying to do.

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