Thunberg Turns Red with Rage Regarding Biden’s Outlook on Climate Control

Joe Biden certainly hasn’t made any friends with Greta Thunberg. The teenage activist from Sweden has been trying to convince the entire globe that global warming is an existential threat.

If it were up to Thunberg, we would be taking drastic measures immediately to save the planet from catastrophe.

President Biden, however, has decided to turn it into a political issue.

This is unacceptable, and Thunberg is outraged at how the U.S. president could do such a thing.

Somehow, we’re supposed to drop everything and immediately start listening to a teenager who has been diagnosed as someone with high-functioning autism.

Thunberg has had her share of strikes, but she’s still not college-educated. She doesn’t have a degree in environmental science to back up anything with facts. Instead, she regurgitates what she reads and shows outrage of epic proportion. On a good day, she looks like a toddler having a full meltdown.

She has suggestions for what can be done.

First, fly less (or not at all).

Consume less meat (or better yet, go vegan).

Join an activist movement.


She’s been making these four suggestions since 2019 when the world finally learned who the Swedish activist was.

She has already recognized that climate control is political because she’s been urging everyone to vote. She wants to make sure people are voting so that the candidate that gets into office will place climate change in the front and center position where it needs to be.

Thunberg understands that it requires new legislation and new policies to have a positive impact on climate change.

However, no matter how much legislation is approved, it’s not going to be a sudden reversal. Additionally, each and every country on the planet would have to make the promise to make changes. If every American were to stop flying and stop eating meat, it wouldn’t save the planet. China, India, and other countries are simply doing too many damaging things.

However, Thunberg wants to get red in the face over all that Biden is doing. He’s not caring enough. And he’s certainly not acting fast enough to appease the Swedish teenager.

Biden is a Democrat. It’s the Democrats that are demanding that we do more to help the environment. So, essentially, Thunberg is fighting the side that is already on her side.

Now, Thunberg had endorsed Joe Biden, not that her opinion really swayed any American as to how they were going to vote. She endorsed him, though, because he made promises to help the environment

On an MSNBC appearance, she was asked to score Joe on his planet-saving efforts.

She said that he’s not treating it like the existential threat that it is and that he needs to “treat the climate crisis like a crisis.”

Put simply, she’s not a fan of how Biden has been handling things.

She should try being American.

Biden is incapable of treating any crisis like a crisis. Just look at how he’s handling the pandemic – and that’s a more immediate crisis than the environment.

During the MSNBC interview, she laughs it off to say that her opinion shouldn’t matter since she’s “just a teenager.” However, plenty of world leaders have given her validation to say that her voice does matter.

Thunberg may be young and without a degree, but she does have at least some validity to what she’s saying. She’s an extremist, but there’s a genuine concern. She has enough points that she’s gotten in front of the United Nations and sat on panels with the Health and Human Services Secretary of the U.S.

Thunberg also knows that she can’t offer advice to Biden that he’d take without voter approval. Of course, she may not be familiar with his ability to write executive orders. She does manage to say that people can’t expect to want climate action if there isn’t some kind of climate crisis.

It all comes down to this: She’s disappointed in Biden turning climate control into yet another political issue. She’s now learned the disappointment that so many Americans have with Biden being appointed as the president.

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